Friday, October 21, 2011


This week has been a busy one.  I've been an auditor, mom, PTL president, fill in nanny, part time babysitter, car pooler, exerciser, discussion leader, friend, wife, handyperson, maid, cook (moreso than usual), and whatever you need to fill in the blanks or additional hats that we moms wear. 

They're all fun hats to wear most of the time, but it certainly fills up the calendar in short order.

Also, I now have 1/3 kitchen and 2/3 kitchen.  One of D's customer's doors didn't come in time for his scheduled day, so he had a "free" day.  And he chose to work on our kitchen.  I now have running water in the new kitchen, but no appliances.  And all of our kitchen items are strewn about our old living room.  This is a very interesting phase.

And we host our small group this weekend.  Awesome.

1. Where do you escape to when you've had enough?

Depends on my mood and what I've had enough of.  If it's the family (which really doesn't happen often with my non-type-a-personality), I'll head out to the store for "something I forgot and need to get right away."  If it's other people...then I just avoid them for a while.  If it's the schedule, body usually tells me when it's had enough by compromising my immune system enough for me to get sick...then I HAVE to take some time off.

2. What shows are you watching this fall?

I really love the Sing-Off.  I'm really trying to be careful of what I watch, and what kind of ideals I'm exposing my mind to.  I LOVE Glee, but they started tackling big liberal issues...and I'm not a fan of all the extra stuff, but I loved the the sing-off really falls into a great category.  I'll watch the Property Ladder at my mom's house on Saturdays...because I can commiserate with them....except for the big payday at the end. 

Any other shows I should be looking for?  I'm open to suggestions.

3. What was the longest roadtrip you've ever taken and where did you go?

When I was in 5th grade, we drove down to Florida.  We split it into 2 days, but it was still a long journey. 

On the way home, we drove straight back.  22 1/2 hours in a mini van.  I'd like to believe that we did pretty well behavior-wise...but you'd have to ask my mom about that one.

4. Do you plan on taking your kids to Disney World?

We'd love to...sometime soon.  But we'll see how that goes.  I want the boys to remember it, and I want C. to be old enough to enjoy the rides, etc. 

Are we going to be the parents that take their kids once every year?  Ummmm, no.  I really don't understand that, but to each their own.

5. What is something people would surprised to know about you?

I really don't think there's anything of me to hide....I'm pretty much an open book.  If you're new here, you can read this recent post.  Hhhhmmmm, something that would surprise people.....

I've always wanted to host a big Halloween party for adults complete with costumes.  My friend hosted one a VERY long time ago, and I was an Egyptian lady....It was fun to see what everyone came as, and it was fun to be dressed up!  I think D and I would have a lot of fun figuring it all out.  :)

Is that surprising?


Mama M. said...

Seriously. We'd be best friends in real life if we lived closer! I sneak away to the store, too for something that I need RIGHT NOW!! (Usually beef jerky, or something.)

Anonymous said...

So... I've always wanted to go to an adult costume party - kismet!

Sarann said...

Your head must be spinning from being so busy! I hope you are able to complete your kitchen soon!

Lesley said...

I am right there with ya on Glee. Had to turn it off. So we watch Sing-Off too. I LOVE Parenthood. Think you might like it too and Up All Night is pretty funny.