Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Way-back Wednesday

I've been meaning to delve into the "oldies" for some time now, but always had so much more to write about.

Now, in an effort to halt all the random list posts I've been defaulting to, I'm posting an oldie picture.

Let's take a gander, shall we?

This picture was taken in April of 1979..

That makes me 3 years old.

I'm assuming it's an Easter Picture based on my adorable little coat and bonnet get-up.

I must say that my mom did a good job dressing me as a little girl.  I had adorable clothes, and the dresses were cute (mostly made by her).  My brother, Dan (known as Danny at the time), looked awesome as well.  This is the short time that his hair had the reddish tinge that was highlighted by the green suit (perhaps also made by my mom, but I'm not sure...she was quite I wouldn't put it past her).

This was taken in our living room which has the most amazing bank of windows in front.  My mom used to use this to keep her plants alive with sunlight - hence the jungle-like foliage behind us.  But hey...our house probably had a high oxygen count, right?  I'm really digging the macrame plant hanger.  I wonder if I can find those somewhere around here....


Anonymous said...

First - wow, do I see C when I look at this photo!
Second - I believe my mom still has a macrame hanger and we could probably figure out how to make them
Third - You are so cute! (Than and now!)

mrsmarkdave said...

Oh my. You're so cute. And I wish I had a mom like yours. My mom dressed me in the UGLIEST clothes. Well, actually my best friend's mom dressed her pretty bad, but my mom was in next to last place.

Mom said...

Yes, your mom made the macrame hanger for the plants. That hanger is LONG GONE! You two were really cute.