Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flash back- This one time, at band camp...

I'm enjoying showing off tidbits from my past here. 

The pictures are a hoot, and it's always fun to have a laugh at my own expense.

oh, and I'm not making my ever-loved lists.  :)

Ok, let's take a gander of this one, shall we?

This was the summer before my senior year - making it the summer of 1993.

Sara (far left) and I (second from right) were the color guard co-captains.  Gina (green shirt) and Kendra (really long hair) were also in color guard with us.  Angie and Robin (2 middle ones) played something in the band...but my memory fails me as to what exact instruments.

Every August the marching band would march in the Coast Guard parade, and the next week, we'd pack 5 school buses (3 with kids, 2 with instruments and bags....and a killer stereo system) and head up to Boyne, MI.  We stayed at a ski lodge, and they had a make-shirt football field up in the back of the property where we practiced marching drills and our program.

Every morning, the boys with the stereo system would BLAST bagpipe music at 6:15 to wake everyone up.  We'd check the dew count of the morning (taped to the hallway walls), gripe about how wet we were going to get during the morning M&M (marching and maneuvering), and head out to breakfast.

We had to bring our own linens, so I would always grab my brother's old Star Wars twin sheets.  They were always a hit with anyone who visited our room.   In this picture, you can actually see the pillow below (or above) us on the bed.  (Mom, what ever happened to those sheets?  A. would LOVE them!)

In this picture, we're on the top bunk with our hair hanging down.  All of us display this picture upside down just cause it's fun to see hair sticking straight up in the air. 

A few things I notice about this picture:
- My best friend, Gina, and I go sooo far back
- That sweatshirt I'm wearing is a Michigan sweatshirt.  Blue and gold are colors I've always rooted for (my high school colors were blue and gold too).
- What's with the TEAL shorts?
-  I needed to get my roots done before I went to band camp.

Go Bucs!!!


Big Fat Gini said...

I love this!

I've been reliving some HS memories this week on Facebook. It's been really fun to go back and talk about the things you've totally forgotten even ten or twelve years later.

Sandy said...

Try eighteen years did I get this old?!?!?

Mama M. said...

Oh my gosh! How fun is this?! So...who played the flute? ;) I love that you actually went to Band Camp!

Anonymous said...

So I, too, did colorguard but only for basketball season one year and I think we only performed at halftime during one game and then we were disbanded... ah, the memories.

Love the fashion choices :) Don't love the blue and gold but I still love you!