Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meanest mom in the world....right here.

Apparently, my boys are not my biggest fans today.  I have officially made it into the Meanest Mom in the world hall of fame.  Wanna know what I did?

-- I dropped them off at zoo school, even after both of them protested going today. 

--I walked a little faster to the car after C. had a TOTAL meltdown after dropping them off.

-- I made them eat the sandwiches that they requested for lunch today.

-- When they both stated they were "full" after eating only 3 bites, I informed them that they will receive the same sandwiches for snack at 3pm.

--  I called them on their lie(s) when they told me that they ate the rest of their sandwiches when Molly's clinking collar let me know she was eating something really, really fast (meaning, it was something from the table that she LOVES).

--I made two new sandwiches and put them on their plates.

--  I made C. take a quiet time today, and told him he could not come out until 2.

-- I made A. turn off the TV and do some math homework.

--  I hogged the TV to do my 30 day Shred.  The entire.20.minutes.

-- I would not let them have my 5 lb. weights to do the Shred with me.

--  At snack time, I offered them two choices:  an apple with peanut butter or an apple plain.  I did not let my carb-avore load up on goldfish crackers.

--  When catching A. sneaking some Coco Puffs after his total melt down, I made him dump them in the garbage, and offered him an apple.

--  After he threw my wii remotes on the ground, I grounded A. from the wii.

-- After he threw a Monster Truck at his little brother, I sent A. to their room to clean up all the toys.

--  Since A. did not wake me to run with him outside early this morning, I made him start tracking his marathon mileage on the treadmill. (1 mile down....24 to go).

And the day's not over.

Let's just say that our dinner entre' involves cauliflower.  (BWHAHAHAHA!)

Ahhh, yes...I am the meanest mom in the world.

 I actually told A. if he wanted to leave, he which he chose to stay. 

Perhaps he doesn't have it to bad after all?


mrsmarkdave said...

Wow! I bet you'll be looking forward to bedtime tonight. I bet you are already, actually.

TIFFANY said...

Wow! You mean you expect your kids to behave? You ARE mean! Hahaha! At least that's what my kids would say. :)

Sandy S. said...

Ha ha ha, I love it. Can I send Scotty your way? He's 4 yrs old and having serious issues sharing my attention with his 10 month old cousin two days a week...

Anonymous said...

You're the meanest mom I know :) I can't even type that with a straight face ;)

Joy and Randy said...

btw...Braedin let us know after we left that he "didn't like the smell" at your house. We explained that you were cooking cauliflower for dinner. I think he was glad we weren't staying for dinner! LOL