Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top ten reasons why August rocks

1.  We are 5 weeks away from the start of school.  This is a double edged sword.  I love having the boys home with me, and having fun with them...but I'm also looking forward to the structure and breathing room school gives me during the day.

2.  Birthdays!  August is a big birthday month for us.  Dave's dad, my mom and C!  Lots of fun reasons to celebrate and make poor food choices.  :)

3.  Fitness!  I joined the 31 in 31 challenge, and now, there's a kettlebell duel with Mama M. to contend with.  (M- IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!  We need to make this interesting...perhaps a wager?!?!).  Running 3 days a week plus walks with Michelle and kettlebells....hopefully come September I'll be sporting some guns (itty bitty ones...but hey, a gun is a gun, right?)

4.  Purging!  There is far too much crap at my house.  Yes, crap.  I need to take a lesson from that TLC show (I can't remember the name of it), and make a toss, save, donate, and sell pile and just gut every room.  I've heard rumors that there's a fall consignment sale for my MOPS, and I think this month is a perfect opportunity to get a jump start on this.  I'm finally feeling ready to get rid of all the baby stuff.

5.  Cleaning!  Kind of on the coat tales of #4....but I'm looking forward to having my house clean.  I know my OCD husband thinks that's a tad (tad meaning a year or two) overdue.

6.  Extra curricular activities.  The boys are signed up for zoo school this year (C's first year), and A. is signed up for camp later this month.  These programs are fun, awesome, and educational.  It also affords some extra time for me to get work done and purge toys without  meltdowns.  :)

7.    Back to school shopping.  I love shopping for school supplies.  I know...I'm a little crazy.  Seriously, though...I love it.

8.  More birthdays!  Non-family birthdays get their own number.  :)  The boys have been invited to friend's birthday parties which they are totally breathlessly excited about.  Liam gets top billing because not only is his birthday party the closest, but it's also at a bowling alley - which makes triple awesome points.

9.  Fall is quickly approaching.  Yes, I like August because its kind of a gateway to fall.  D and I LOVE fall, and look forward to that season every year.  Especially when summer temps hit over 90 with 70% humidity.  We are not hot weather people.

10.  Fun.  This is the month that I look at the calendar and say "What the heck, summer's almost over?!?!"  And then I pack everyday full of fun activities that I thought we had all summer to complete.  Zoo trips, Garden trips, play dates, sprinkler parties, etc, etc, etc.  Packed days.  It's like fun...on crack.


mrsmarkdave said...

I LOVE back to school shopping, too. I often find myself wandering the aisles. I don't have kids, so it stops there. Dave doesn't let me buy. Hmph! He's no fun

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Big Fat Gini said...

I think I needed to see someone's positive attitude today. I loathe summer. Hate. It. And August is the worst because it's too hot to do anything at all (seriously, it's 108 here today).

Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe it's august and how much there is within this month - but I am excited about it all! Love, love, love this list!

Jen@BigBinder said...

I am with you on EVERYTHING - including the birthdays! August is insane for us! And I live in a tiny house and constantly have to get rid of crap too :) And I wake up and want to make the most of summer every day too. And, and... all of it!