Monday, August 8, 2011

Learning curve

This past weekend was busy.  I should put Busy with a capital "B."

But I learned (realized) a few things over the course of the weekend that may help you in the long run as well.

- No matter how much time I plan for one activity, it will always take 20 minutes longer.  This includes: drying hair, shaving legs, folding laundry, driving to pick up the boys, a "quick" phone conversation, running through the bank drive-thru, and finding a wedding card.
- The more time I spend primping and curling my hair for just the perfect hair style for a wedding, the harder it will rain outside.
- If I'm dressed up and my hair is done, and it's raining outside, I will not be able to find my umbrella having to make due with my son's 14" Lightening McQueen umbrella....which will cover about half of my head.  Classy class.
- Headbands are easy, cheap and save time.
- When driving while it's raining, allow for an additional 30 minutes.  Apparently, the idiots all come out to see the drops of water falling from the sky.  They brake constantly, and will face the wrong way on a highway.
- Even though my husband will complain about MY time management skills, he will be the one not ready to go on time.  This is a good time to keep my mouth shut.  Even though I really, really don't want to.
-  Whatever time you want to tell the babysitter for pick up, add at least one hour.  Leaving a wedding reception RIGHT after dinner (and two drinks) is sad.  :(
- It is possible for C. to react to a cat ONE YEAR after the feline has been extracted from the house.

On Sunday I learned,

- breathing treatment + pancake breakfast + fruit nugget snack at church= VERY hyper unruly children...especially at the communion rail.
 - I can fit into all my cute sundresses again.  :)
- I have the best church family
- It is possible to be completely heartbroken and hurt for someone else's loss.
-Amazing Grace makes me tear up.

- I can be happy eating just frosting on cake...and not the cake itself.
- My in-laws appreciate my humor in birthday cards.  :)
- I can bring my own hot dogs and be perfectly content.
- My sister-in-law has the best dentist who grows the best corn.
- It is incredibly difficult to take a picture of 6 kids at once.
- a shady area may have been the better choice.
- I have been blessed with an awesome family.


Big Fat Gini said...

What a great weekend! I love headbands, but I've gotten to the point where it's time to find a better hairstyle.

I'm pretty impressed you were able to get all six kids to look cute! Our last attempt at a family photo went awry, but at least the results were hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's just important to realized you're learning a lesson :) That's half the battle! And happy day for sundresses! That's awesome!

The Mama said...

Congrats on fitting into the cute sundress! That deserves a celebration all in itself! :)

Rebecca said...

Fun post :) By the way, you look AMAZING!