Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top ten things we do in a TV free house

We're on day 2 of being TV free.  We survived yesterday....barely.  Other than the out-of-control fighting by the boys (essentially, C. looked to A. for constant entertainment....and A. looked for solitude.  Not a good combo for a peaceful house), it actually wasn't too bad.  Here's a list of things we managed to do yesterday.

1.  We went shopping.  For a mattress pad to replace the one C. peed on yesterday morning (in our bed), covered it up, and didn't tell me about it until 10:45 am.  For a new hair dryer....since my other one went up in smoke (quite literally) yesterday morning.....just before finding the soaked bed.  For a baby gift for my new nephew, Jimmi.  For cereal....because I have a carb-ivore in the house.  For ice cream....because I made fresh blueberry crisp last night for Molly's birthday.

2.  Ran on the treadmill.  A. continues to log mileage for his kid's marathon, and I got back on the running horse yesterday.  Adrenals are doing well, but my foot is in some major pain.  I lost some ground on endurance, and it was an ugly run with the wheezing and foot pain....but I'm back on the horse.

3.  Organized clothing for fall.  Now that I had their undivided attention, I went to the garage to see what clothes in our stash will fit them this fall.  After my new purchase of church pants for A. over the weekend, I'm feeling ready to outfit them for fall and winter.

4.  Ran through the sprinkler.  The boys did.  Actually, only C.  A. used this time of C.'s diversion to enjoy some quiet.  This was a great hit until C. brought the sprinkler too close to the house and aimed it at the house.  Let's just say that we have no towels on the shelves right now...they're all waiting to be laundered.

5.  Got out the bikes.  A. loves his new bike, C. just wants to do what A. does.  Bikes were a nice diversion.  Until there were the falls.  I'm also out of band-aids.

6.  Made a killer Thomas track.  We haven't pulled those things out in forever.  D. and I always used to compete on who could make the best Thomas track....I think the boys and I won yesterday.  :)

7.  Starred at the blank TV screen.  Sometimes you just need to zone out.

8.  Broke up fights.  Oh, so many fights.  So.many.fights.

9.  Took money away.  Each boy started with $1.00 in dimes in a cup.  Every time C. threw a fit (or whined or hit or kicked) he lost a dime.  A. lost one every time he hurt his brother or showed me attitude.  I made $.90 yesterday.  Yes, I'm not above paying my children for good behavior.

10.  Took a shot of vodka.  Yep, after bedtime, I resorted to a little adult beverage to calm my frazzled nerves.  And to reward myself for surviving the day.  Don't judge me.

Top Ten {Tuesday}


mrsmarkdave said...

I think #9 is a fabulous idea!

Anonymous said...

I also think #9 is a great idea (and also #10) - I think Liam might respond to that form of punishment/reward in exchange for something Lego... hmmm... wheels turning!

Mama M. said...

Oh my gosh, I love that you took a shot of a vodka (did you really?!) And the money thing? Works wonders, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Oh I have so been there!!! I have no problem rewarding good behavior either!! anything that helps them to learn self motivation, right?? ;-)