Monday, January 14, 2013

Gratitude 161-170

I meant to post this yesterday.  However, then yesterday came and it was a blissfully full day of family with just us 5.  I didn't want to be all like "Hang on guys...this is awesome fun, but I need to do a blog post." it is.  :)

161.  A baby who takes long naps.  I really don't know what these are right now....since her longest nap of the day runs about 35 minutes....but once she does start taking long naps, I know I'll be grateful.

162.  Awesome days with family.

163.  Showers long enough to shave legs.

164.  Friends that are considerate enough to cancel plans when they're under the weather.

165.  A night out without Baby L.

166.  A good conversation with my MOPS table over coffee and smoothies.

167.  Hand-me-downs.  All FOUR 31 gallon bags of them.

168.  Arch support.  You don't realize how much you need it until you wear the wrong shoes at the wrong time to the wrong place.

169.  Yoga pants.  Every mom's go-to.

170.  Coffee.  Coffee.  Coffee.

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Big Fat Gini said...

I'm the same way. The kids are always doing something fun or sweet or cute and I think, "I wish I had my camera" but not enough to stop what we're doing to go get it.

Amen to all of those! I feel super special on those days when I can actually shave my legs since it happens like, once every three weeks. :P