Wednesday, October 6, 2010

34 Years/ 34 Blessings

Today is my birthday. 

And since I didn't get to living 34 years by myself, I thought I'd do a blessing post.

The 34 things I'm most thankful today are:

1.  Dave.  Can't live without him.  Actually, I could (if you want to get all technial about it)....but thankfully, I don't have to.

2.  A.  Awesome kid.  Kind, loving, cuddler, eager.

3.  C.  Keeps me on my toes.  Total blessing to our family.

4.  Molly.  Crazy dog.  Smelly farts, but she's a mommy's girl.

5.  Fall.  I love crispy weather.

6.  Honey Crisp Apples.  If you haven't had one yet, I highly recommend one.  If you need to go to the store (right now) to get one, that's fine...I can wait.  Go, go'll thank me for it.  Yum.

7.  My mom and dad.  I'd be lost without them.  (Happy Birthday tomorrow, dad!)

8.  My in-laws.  For making life fun, and raising an awesome husband.

9.  For the lack of beer in my house.  Totally not my decision, but I'm grateful it is the way it is.  Prayers answered.

10.  For the addition.  (this includes breathable air, room to move and door handles)

11.  Door handles.  This really deserves its own number.  I've spent 5 years in a house with one door handle- the exterior back door.  Every other door had a knob or handle.  Yes, a knob or in NO moving parts....or locks.

12.  Being Lutheran.  Grace abounds.

13.  The school my son is at.  We love it.  Best decision ever.

14.  Car pools.  Making the school decision a little more bareable in January at 7am.

15.  D&J.  This is my husband's construction company.  Going strong through the recession.

16.  My bestest bestie, Gina.  She knows me better than I know myself sometimes.  We go back to 9th grade.

17.  New friends I've made over the course of the past year or so.

18.  Melody.  She has the sweetest heart.  I'm glad God put her in my life.

19.  Kristen.  An awesome friend.  A great accountability person.  Great faith walk.

20.  MOPS.  Awesome mommy-God filled-outlet.  Some of the women in this group have touch my heart and made life long marks.

21.  Jeanie.  For nights of drinking and talking.  For low-maintenance high-loving friendship.  Love it.

22.  My alternative doctor.  So glad I found them (him and his nurse who is also his wife).  They found answers to the causes of my ailments, not just treating my symptoms.  I'm not a fan of medical band-aids.

23.  Being almost done Christmas shopping.  A little each month doesn't hurt as bad as a big hit in November.

24.  My Cricut machine.  Making Christmas crafts (and any other crafts) so much more fun.

25.  Kathy.  For a great honest fun filled friendship.  Our family circles overlap a tad.  Love her.

26.  Reading time.  Quality time spent with both boys on my lap.  My most favorite time of the day.

27.  Great neighbors.  It's fun to feel part of a neighborhood.

28.  Our small group.  Close knit.  Family.

29.  Settlers of Catan.  Most fun board game ever.  It's a must play.  Cross between Monopoly and Risk.

30.  Our garden.  I love tilling the ground and watching nutrients grow.

31.  My job.  It's wonderful to have an extra way to make money.  Although, it does have a fair share of headaches and turmoil learning how to balance....its also a challenge worth overcoming.

32.  Massages.  Great chance to unwind.  Wish they were free.

33.  Prayer.  This year my prayers have changed a bit.  My relationship with God is changing...growing deeper.  So are the prayers.  It's awesome and interesting at the same time.

34.  Contentment.  Getting older has given me a new contentment in my life.  Caring less about what others think.  Not caring much about status symbols, etc.  It's very peaceful and freeing to be focused on other things in life than the pursuit of "stuff.".


Kathy said...

Happy birthday again darlin'! I'm stoked that I got my own number! ;) You'd definately be on my list too!! Hope to see you soon!!! :)

kristen said...

Thanks, my friend! Love the lists. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say beautiful blog you have! Found you on blog frog!

Brittney said...

Happy day-late birthday!! This is such a cute list!

Kate said...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear SANDY! Even though I'm a couple of days late...
Happy birthday to YOOOOOUUUU!