Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Cricut! Christmas! REVEALED

Ok, as of yesterday, all Cricut gifts have been, here's my unveiling.

Remember when my brother and his family were in town this summer and we had our pictures taken by my photographer friend, Renee?

Well, I loved a few of the pictures....I loved them so much that I made them into gifts. 

Here are my two absolute favorites:

So, then I had to make them into gifts:

Then, I had to play off my dad's hat for the next one.  Everyone knows my dad's felt hat.  Everyone.

Each of his grandsons are wearing his hat (or one identical to it- it is a long distance collaboration, of course) in each picture.

Then, to my friend, Erika, and her girls who are always playing games (especially Memory):

I took out their last name- since she doesn't list it on her blog.  But, it does begin with a V.  I pulled all kinds of old pictures from my memory cards from birthday parties, baptisms, or just getting together.  I made 38 cards to match.  I actually didn't have any pictures of her husband or brother- so I offered to add them if she'll send me the pictures.

And my absolute favorite....

(Can you tell I'm very proud of the last one?!?!?!)

I was actually watching the Cricut infomercial ( a row)  while Dave was hunting.  It gave me a great idea for Christmas gifts...

This one wasn't featured on the infomercial.  I saw about 2 minutes on glass etching, and my mind took off.  I grabbed my 40% off coupon and headed to the nearest Michaels.

And did this:

The white is all etched in the glass and their last name is in vinyl on the front of the glass.  Sorry for the light reflection in there, it's not easy to get a picture of transparent glass with auto focus camera.

This will look great hanging on a colored wall- or if they don't have one, they can simply put colored paper between the two glass pieces and have an instant background.

I ended up making one for my mom's principal, but forgot to take a picture- I love that one too!

What I found awesome about this gift was that I was able to really think about these families and what I love so much about them.  It's a fun (and awesome!) way to pay someone a permanent compliment!


TAMMY said...

Those are awesome!! You are very creative!

Rach said...

those gifts are great sandy!!

Elizabeth said...

I got my daughter a Cricut for Christmas and her Hubby got her a program for her computer so she can cut from it instead of using the cartridges, if that makes any sense to you. She's my crafter/scrapbooker/cakemaker. Can't wait to see what gift I get from her.

Raechel said...

Cute stuff! I've always wanted one of those machines - they look awesome!!

AnimeshSingh said...

Great Deals !! You are very creative!