Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me! My fellow grocery shoppers! Monday

Ok, friends...this is going to be a quickie.  FYI:  This momma is tired.  Totally sleep deprived.  (Almost past the point of newborn-sleep deprived....except without that sweet adrenaline rush you get just home from the hospital.  Well, perhaps there was an adrenaline rush in there a holy-crap-my-kid-can't-breathe-and-is-looking-at-me-with-scary-bug-eyes adrenaline rush). 

The family has been hit by a little cold, but for C. (my respiratory babe) its never just a cold.    It hangs on until it mutates into the scary Muppet Show know, the one with the big fat lip? 

Yes, well, the monster reared his ugly head at 1am on Sunday morning in the form of a breathing/barking toddler crying for his mommy. 

A few hours of steam in the bathroom and cold outside air, his breathing had calmed to get him to sleep...until 4:45 where it went to barking to inhale and wheezing to exhale.  So, into the steam we went and then a little Albuterol treatment- which did little to help his breathing, but REALLY gave the boy a crazy demeanor for the rest of the day. 

An after-hours Dr. office visit later (upcharges, cha-ching!) , a steriod shot (STAT) later,  and a Dx of acute bronchilitis, he's improving.  He hasn't slept more than a few hours at a time- which means I'm not sleeping at all.  So, in the meantime we're doing 3 neb. treatments a day- which I don't really think help the breathing a ton, but give him the spidey powers to climb the walls and hang from the ceiling.  Have I mentioned I'm tired?

I digress...

Yesterday, during C.'s short nap and while Dave had A. occupied on some science project, I ran quickly to the grocery store.  This had to be the craziest 30 minute trip I've ever had in any store.  So, before I forget all about it, I'm making a Not Me! Monday post about all the craziness that ensued.  Enjoy.

  • I did not end up entering the store shortly behind a guy who quickly ran to get in front of me only to slow down once we were in the automated In-door corrale.  He did not reak of cigarette smoke.  I did not instantly nickname the rude gentleman, "Smokie."
  • I did not make a bee-line to the produce department only to see a two year old throw a tomato at her mother.  The mother did not respond to this behavior by doing nothing and leaving the broken nasty tomato on the floor.
  • I did not turn right around to see a woman spill about three bags of grapes all.over.the.ground.  She did not run over about half of them by wheeling her cart through them.  Only then did she decide to pick half of them up (including smashed ones), put them back into the produce bags and certainly she did not put them back on the display of grapes for sale.  Not at all.  Common sense clearly states that a little sticky germ-infected floor dust is an awesome selling point for fresh produce.  Why bother any kind of employee from the establishment- especially the one standing 8 feet away cleaning out an apple display.  Nope, a dust-free apple display is much more important than e-coli infested grapes.
  • In the deli, I did not see an employee walking by me cleaning out his ear...with a key.  Cause, you know...nothing says 'clean ear' like some shaped, grinded steel.  He then, wouldn't think of cleaning off that wax-ridden key on his pant leg.  Nope!  Not this guy.  Nothing says, 'wipe ear-wax here' like an Arizona chino.
  • And later, I was not accosted by Smokie's stench when we was walking so slowly in the back of the store that I almost rear-ended him.  At which point, Smokie did not let out the loudest, longest, nastiest fart I have ever heard.  On top of the noise and stench, he certainly was not bouncing to shake it all out.  I was never so grateful for being able to hold my breath for a long period of time- as I was at that moment.  I did not decide right then and there that the grocery experience was over for the day.  Who really needs milk anyway?  Not me!
So, I'm going to bid you adieu for a few days while I take care of my little one.  This is his neb treatment from last night- all cozy in his little sleeper.   I took this picture to keep him occupied during the treatment.  He likes to look at the pictures after I take them, and will sit very still for me while looking.
By the way, notice the NEW couch?!?!?  Thanks to Monica and Joe, we have an almost new (AND FREE!)couch with hide-a-bed!  Love it!  The hide-a-bed sure came in handy last night with C.'s sickness- he needs to be inclined while sleeping and kept flipping himself in his crib.  So, he and I bunked out.

See ya'll in a few days.


Brittney said...

Aww, poor Colin! I hope he gets better soon!

I also hope I do not experience any of your grocery store experiences when we go later today. Yikes!

TAMMY said...

Hope your little one feels better soon. That grocery store sounds like a dangerous place! ;)

Kathy said...

Feel better Colinator!!

I can't believe how awful your shopping experience was, blech. I feel like I need to wash my hands, just reading about it.

Oh, and the couch looks awesome. I'm sure you were super sad to see the other one go. ;)

Traci Michele said...

Hey there! I found your blog from Monica's Pixel Perfect site. I tried, immediately, to follow your site, but it said that the google friend finder was under construction.

I will be back to "follow" your adorable blog. Love the name and theme!

I loved this post! You had me laughing, nodding my head, and shaking it (the grapes and key thing) GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

Hugs to you new friend!


Joy and Randy said...

Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers! Your little monkey/spidey boy is too special to be down for long. ♥ ya!!!

Adelas said...

No wonder he can't breathe, right? (kidding) - also, I think that monster is called Sweetums.

I loved reading about your day - mainly because it didn't happen to me. :) Hang in there!

Pam, mom, honey, said...

i think i would have been scarred of the food in that store. is that mask a fishy. i think we have finally out grown the fishy mask

cindi said...

Oh my goodness. My son grew up with a nebulizer practically strapped to his face. Those long sleepless nights are killers.
ANd I think Smokie may shop here in our local Safeway.

Rach said...

Colin looks to sad in that last picture :( Does it help if he has a humidifier? I don't know anything about actual respitory problems. They have cheaper ones at Aldi right now....or they did last week. Were you at Meijer during this shopping excursion?

Rach said...

Colin looks to sad in that last picture :( Does it help if he has a humidifier? I don't know anything about actual respitory problems. They have cheaper ones at Aldi right now....or they did last week. Were you at Meijer during this shopping excursion?

Sandy Hop said...

Rach- I was at Family Fare...Meijer is too crazy on Sunday afternoons to make it a quick trip. We have a humidifier in his room too- that does help. But when he's really bad, it's not enough. So far, we're off the neb. for 16 hours and counting...hopefully over the hump!