Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me! Monday

HA!  Yes, we'll start the New Year of blogging off to a great start with a little Not Me! Monday post!  How sweet it is.  Click here to see the creator of this carnival and what everyone else has not been doing this week/month/year.

  • I was not dreadfully embarrased when my toddler not only took off his coat upon our arrival at church yesterday, but his shirt as well.  While it should have bothered me that I had a half naked child in the sanctuary, it did not.  I was more embarassed by the amount of ink pen scribbles all over his tummy that I was unable to scrub clean in the bath.  I certainly do not leave my toddler unattended with an ink pen.  I have proactively taught him that coloring all over himself is not acceptable.  And, my son knows the meaning of modesty- especially in church.
  • I did not let my toddler drink the rest of the sparkling grape juice that we used on NYE.  I for sure did not allow him to drink out of the bottle.  The following picture was never taken.
I would never allow this.  Not only am I not contributing to a predisposition to alcoholism, but I'm also certainly not allowing a social faux pas like drinking directly out of the bottle.  This kind of parenting ensures delinquency.  Something I definitely do not do.
(And his cap is really not crooked.  He does not look like a total thug here.  Glad this never happened and the picture was never taken.  Geez, some people.)

  • I did not take down all of our Christmas decorations on the day after Christmas.  I was not sick of looking at them after only having them up for three weeks.  I did not feel like a grinch while quickly tossing everything I could into boxes while C. was napping.  I do not move like the wind while he's slumbering simply because I'm too tired and lazy to chase him around.  I am not a lazy person by nature.  I do not hide events- like the dismantling of Christmas- which would leave them completely perplexed upon waking.  Nope not me!

  • I did not promise my husband a massage if he would go to the store to pick up some brown sugar.  Agan, I'm not a lazy person.  Nope, not me!  I would never dangle something my husband loves in order to get out of heading to the store.  He did not totally fall for it.  I am not still grateful for that.  I'm totally not trying to figure out how to get him home from work and run to Costco for me this afternoon.....

  • Our couch is not in dire straights.  Not only is the material ripped and gashed (which have been slip covered), but now a few springs have not totally busted.  I am not trying to convince my husband that this now means God wants us to purchase a new couch.  I am not totally obsessed with finding a terrific deal that we can fit into the envelope budget. 

  • I am not bragging that I now have 14 friends and family expecting in 2010.  Well, ok...perhaps I am bragging!  And that's just up through July!  I am totally excited for these families...and even more excited that its not me who is pregnant!  (Really, its not!)

Have a great week, friends!


T.J. said...

Hi there, this was a great post! I am here by way of Mckmama and your sentiments made me laugh:) My toddler hasn't quite stripped down to that level in public yet, but OH, I'm sure it's coming! And as for holiday decorations? Guess what I was doing before taking a moment to be online?!
Happy New Year!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

GREAT post! I could have said so many of these things myself. Your toddler in church... gosh, that is a constant battle for me! G has never walked in half-naked, but she has arrived at a birthday party in a state of half-dress... does that count?

Confessions From A Working Mom