Sunday, August 2, 2009

Congratulations, you're a sheep...

So, I had a few minutes to myself today. I was supposed to just go get groceries. HOWEVER, with a new month ahead of me (therefore, a full stack of envelopes) and a 30% off Friends and Family coupon in my hand, I made a detour* to Old Navy.

*Yes, a 7 mile out-of-my-way detour.

I really was looking for a few specific things. And since summer is almost over (although in Michigan, it doesn't feel like it ever started), I hoped it would be on clearance.

And it was. I got a pair of jean shorts for Adam for less than $4. Sweet.

This is where things go a little awry.

I started looking around.

I started piling things on my arm.

I went to try them on.

I liked them.

I picked two shirts to purchase.

Apparently, Old Navy has these "Deals of the Week." One of my purchases was made because this shirt was such a deal, and was considerably discounted from original retail price.

So, I'm at the checkout, and the clerk says to me, "We have been selling out of these today. Everyone has been buying these shirts."

In other words, I'm such an original. I'm purchasing the same shirt everyone else will be wearing tomorrow. Feeling like a sheep here....

Then he says, "And we have this punch card that if you purchase 5 deals of the week, we give you the sixth one free!"

In other words, if I completely loose all original fashion thought, and totally dilute my textile personality, and whole-heartedly join the herd of other sheep, you'll reward me by sealing the coffin of originality? Thanks, Old Navy.

But, for now...I like the new shirt.

So, whatever...baaaaaa


Rach said...

ha ha ha ha....I'm a sheep too. I feel like copy everything Lesley does....she joins FB, I join FB, she has a blog, I start a blog, she wear bare minerals, I wear bare minerals, she gets the Home Budget app, I get the Home Budget App.....baaaaa. btw, pati had some rice/sea salt cracker chips thingys at the lake and they were delicious...and gluten free! they would be so good with that 5 gallon tub of hummus I bought.

Sandy Hop said...

Those are the chips I buy from Costco too! they are very yummus with hummus. :)