Sunday, August 23, 2009

List? OH!!! THAT list!

I've had a lot of emails and telephone conversations reminding me that I'm slacking on the list.

I'm not really slacking...per say.

More like just not updating.
Quite honestly, I have one week left before Adam starts kindergarten, and I want to absorb as much of him as I can before he starts his 13-year trek through basic education.
In addition to that, we're just out making plans- having fun with friends that we really haven't had time to see all summer.
Add to that the fact that I work from home for an awesome company, but am horribly behind in my work- and need to catch up, stay caught up, and hopefully get ahead. (In my job, once you're behind, it's really hard to get your feet under you without LOTS of extra work). Combine this statement with the previous statement- and you have a recipe for some early mornings, busy days, late nights, and a few new stomach ulcers. :/
I will persevere!!!
But this brings me to another update on the List. In the days ahead, I'll be making a few changes to the list. The idea of each bullet point will be the same, but due to some recent developments some changes are in order.
For example, we stopped our membership at the Y due to some budget and time constraints. Now (without the member's discount)a weight lifting class would be too expensive. The replacement will have something to do with fitness/wellness- just cheaper than a weight lifting class.
Additionally, we have come to the (uber sad) conclusion that we probably won't get a small get away this summer. Dave is scheduled too far out on weekends, and the summer is just too far gone. Besides that, tuition payments have started for Adam's school- so all discretionary income we had saved is g-o-n-e. Next year, we WILL plan a vacation (not a visit...a vacation!- that's a silly semantics post waiting to happen), and I WILL put the plans into works before the year is out. I'd also love to go camping next year with our family. I loved camping as a child. I'm not really partial to tents, but wouldn't mind renting a pop-up for a bit. So, our get away this summer will probably change into a camping expedition next year.
At any rate, I hope this post also finds you sucking up what's left of summer and the sunshine remaining. I'll have a lot to update on as the weeks slow down (ha! you laughing yet?!?!) when school begins.

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Rach said...

absolutely unacceptable for you to slack in your list updating. Our friendship is on hold until list updates are both timely & regular.