Saturday, August 8, 2009

Helpful Household Hints

First of all, I'm on a bit of a blogging hyatis this week. My brother and his family are in town from Utah for the first time in 4 1/2 years. This is the first time they've met Colin, and Adam last saw them when he was 11 months (and therefore, very little recollection). So, I'm spending as much time as I can with them at my parent's house before we have to say good-bye again. It's really been a great visit so far.

I'm actually home today (without kids!) because my husband is in a ghetto-fabulous* wedding this afternoon, and as his spouse, I am contractually obligated to attend with him. I'm supposed to be cleaning this morning...which I am...but it also preempted this post since helpful cleaning tips is what this is all about.

*Really, we use this term as a term of endearment, not judgement. Dave likes to reference his childhood neighborhood as the 'hood, and his friends as ghetto-rats. FYI: these boys grew up on 43rd. St. (really, not the ghetto), and deemed themselves the Four-tre posse'. I'm married to "Paperboy D." Yep...even as a child, the boy was a worker.

I digress....

This post is actually about folding laundry. I saw this tip in a magazine once, and thought it was a good idea. Some tips I read just create more work in the end, but this one is relatively simple. I'm sure most of you probably do this already....but if you don't- give it a whirl- can't hurt, right?

<------ This is what my laundry basket looked like with all of our clean sheets in it. Although I am not suzie homemaker, I do make it a priority to change the sheets everyweek. All of us- except my husband- suffer from allergies. This is the easiest way to cut down on a lot of allergy ailments...this and vaccuuming.

This is what it looked like after. Yep! Two lumps of sheets.------>
I read from someone in a magazine that they fold the fitted sheet and flat sheet (and additional pillowcase for the larger beds) and put them inside the unfolded pillowcase. This way, all the matching linens are together, so when you do change sheets all you have to do is grab one lump and bring it to the applicible bed.

So, from that full basket, I have two lumps o'sheets to put away.

Easy cheesy!

Ok, I'm off to do a pretty pedi for the wedding today and head back to my parent's house tomorrow for more family fun. Be prepared for lots of posts next week!


MannMom3 said...

Ha! My Mom taught me that trick this past year and I've been doing it ever since!!! Enjoy your pedi!!

Rach said...

wait a minute...this would mean that my linens actually match...and are not random assortments from college & hand-me-downs....right, but a very good idea when my day of matching linens comes. :) Helpful hint has been stored. Thank you (fyi, my word verification says "twinkie"....hahahaha...awesome)