Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I grew up in a small town where we were free to roam all over during the day (within limits, of course) to visit our friends a few roads over. We knew almost everyone on the street (well, we knew who to avoid and who to bother). It was awesome Kids playing everywhere. Eggs and cups of sugar borrowed here and there. It was great.

I don't know what's happening to our neighborhoods nowadays. I really miss that feeling of community that I had growing up. Perhaps it was because I was a child, but I just seem to notice more closed garage doors than I see open. When we first moved into the Love Shack, I didn't know what to expect in the way of neighbors. It seemed like an awfully quiet street. But I hit the neighbor jackpot in the backyard.

The Hulsts were serving at a church behind us, and the parsonage was in the back of the parking lot. There were two kids there (with one on the way)- all around Adam's age. As the years went on, this family became part of our community here. Not only did the kids become a permanent part of Adam's heart (and Colin's now too), but their mom became a part of my heart. Being able to sit and chat in the backyard while the kids play on the jungle gym- taking turns watching them so we can go whip dinner up and put it in the oven - these are some of the best memories I have from the early Love Shack years. Roasting marshmallows, walks around the parking lot, impromptu drop in visits...loved it all. Loved the idea of having a neighbor I could share with, talk to, pray for, and learn from.

Sad for us, but exciting for them, he received a new call in March. Bad that they're gone. But good that they have the opportunity to grow their family ministry, own their first house, and let others know what awesome neighbors they are. Fortunately, its not too far away. So, when the invitation arose for a visit, I jumped on it!

We drove down there, played with toys, toured the house, and enjoyed some lunch. Look how Adam already looks so at home there.

I wanted to get a pic of all five kids on the front porch of their house. It's sooo not easy getting five kids to smile and look at the same time. Actually, her kids were just fine. My two, totally different story! My fav is in full color below.

Then we went to visit the Air Zoo.

It was quite the learning experience! The kids had fun, and so did we. I probably would have had more fun if I didn't loose Colin for the longest 30 seconds of my life, but I digress...

Another pic of the five kids. Again, her three...great pic. My TWO, not so great.

The older kids got to go on a ride. Adam LOVED it! The boys really had fun. The sister? Not sure if she enjoyed herself or not. She looked a little scared, and didn't want the airplane to go up in the air. She was very content to be the only airplane riding around on the ground...which was just fine with her. :)

The kids also got to ride some free arcade rides in the Kid Corner. Awesome to let them actually ride with the push of a button- no quarters necessary!

On the East campus of the Air Zoo, we got to learn about all the space stuff.

The kids got to play in the Mercury model.

And I got to check out the Mars rover. I took this pic 2 seconds before I realized the little one holding my hand wasn't Colin, by my friend's youngest son. (Seriously, took about 3 weeks off my life on that one).

And as we left, Adam had the largest (loudest) meltdown ever. Ever. He screamed for at least 20 minutes on the way home. It was hard to say good-bye that day after enjoying their company. We have missed them terribly this year, but look forward to many visits in the future.

By the way, #66 on the list: Visit the Hulsts. :)

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