Thursday, August 20, 2009

The brothers Hop

So many people have made the comment, "I don't like to compare my kids." Well, my response is, "why not?" We're all different. And if we celebrate those differences (and not use it as a method for favoritism), some comparison can be healthy. I love my boys and I love the fact that they are sometimes as different as night and day. Keeps me on my toes. So, here's some of the differences that I've noticed so far...

...In celebration, of course.

(I can't get this to go into a graph, and don't have excel on this computer, so bare wtih me. Adam's statemetns are first, and Colin's follow)
Adam : Colin:
- is a homebody - loves to be out and about
- is cautious - has no fear- of anything
- is sensitive - is boisterous
- tans super easy- doesn't burn - reflects the sun
- goes to sleep right away - sings for an hour or two before snoozing
-would rather read - would rather sing
- prefers baths - thinks the shower is an adventure
-prefers to hang out with men - loves women
- is a daddy's boy - is a momma's boy
- loves salty snacks - prefers sweets over salts
- gets stomach bugs easily - gets respiratory virus' easily
- is solid as a rock -feels hollow when you pick him up
- enjoys routine - prefers randomness
- likes to be a spectator -likes to be the center of attention
- is a morning person - is a night owl

I can't wait to see how this list expands. These are just a few differences of the brothers' Hop. I'm so grateful to be their mom. Everyday I'm so grateful for my overflowing cup.


Jeanette said...

Isn't it just insane how such very different kids can come from the same parents? I am completely amazed at all the differences between my three. Just when I think I've mastered a parenting technique with one, the next one proves to be a totally different problem to handle. :) Said in all love, of course.

Rach said...

ha ha. love it. Thanks again for the Perrigo date!