Friday, July 31, 2009

Camp Manitou-Lin 09

Last night was Family Night at Adam's Day Camp. He went last year as well. I think its great for him to get out and learn some new social skills and build self-confidence. He tends to be a home body.

He's still on the mend from his surgery a few weeks ago. While he's eating well now, he still tires easily and has sores in his throat still (still at risk for bleeding until they're totally healed). The counselors have been quick to assure me that they let him sit down and rest when he's looking "droopy." They also have a rest time in the afternoon which has been beneficial to him.

We got to eat dinner with Adam at the camp. After that, he showed us around the camp and gave us the highlights of his time there (he even tried archery!). It was fun to see him so excited about things- he was a motormouth the whole night which isn't like him at all (and a far cry from the weepy child I drop off every morning at the bus stop).

Adam was in the Koala group this year for KinderCamp.

This year, the Family night was in the Main Camp. We got to eat dinner with Adam in the large lunch room. They served your basic grilling staples. Adam ate "crabby patties" (code for hamburgers). We even ran into some potential customers for D&J- all in all, a good night.

<----Adam eating dinner and admiring his "loot" from the camp store.

My gluten free camp dinner ----->

Adam showing off his new mad hopscotch skillz.
We all got to play on the paddle boats, pontoon boats, power boats and canoes. It was really a pretty night.

A little fun. Dave is such a good sport about this stuff. :)

These are Adam's camp counselors. The lady's name is Liza. For the life of me, I cannot remember the guy's name. Cool tat's though, right?

This is a picture taken from the inside of the chapel. It's higher on the dune than the other cabins. Right behind those trees is the water. What an awesome place for worship!!!

The kids all put on some skits for the parent to "enjoy." Adam refused to go up with his group. While I wasn't surprised that he didn't want to, I was surprised that he boldly refused to move his butt from the bench. So, we left. :)
All in all, really fun night. I hope he'll want to do this again next year. This experience has been really good for him.

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Rach said...

On the shores of ole' lake Barlow
tapestry-ed in green...

Lies the camp of Manitoulin, happy days the scene.

Manitoulin, Manitoulin, where we like to go-o-o-o,

Where the campfires gleam the brightest...

where our friendships grow!

Day is done, gone the sun,

from the lake, from the hills, to the sky, all is well!

Safely rest, God is nigh.

What?!? No, I did not attend Manitoulin from the ages of 2-15. So happy he enjoyed it!