Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am....

...on the phone with ICR
...spelling out words so Adam can write a letter to Grandma Connie and Papa Ken the middle of paying bills
...wearing the same jeans I wore yesterday
...thinking about what to thaw for dinner tonight
...mentally going down my to-do list...realizing I should probably write it all down
...still ornery about the fight I had with the St. Mary's billing department regarding an old medical bill
...pissed at our president
...trying to remember if I heard Adam flush the toilet when he went potty last
...coordinating dates to get together with friends in August
...looking forward to getting my hair cut tonight
...dreaming about the addition
...rubbing out the kink in my neck
...looking for stretched canvas for a MOPS craft this year
...excited to know a secret about a friend (you know who you are!)
...thinking about what kind of freezer meals I can put together in my "spare time"
...wondering why my boys use SO much tape when displaying their art
...hoping Adam does ok at camp next week
...anticipating a night off tomorrow night as the boys are spending the night at Grandma Connie's
...looking at all the pictures on my memo board realizing I'm so blessed with wonderful people in my life


Liz said...

You can get good deals on larger orders of stretched canvas at

...some of my favorite freezer meals are enchiladas and spaghetti sauce.

Hope this helps just a little...gotta love when a million things are going through your brain!

Rach said...

ICR doesn't call me