Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekly recap and The List

This week was an interesting one. Full of fun, craziness, and whatever else you want to stick in the spaces with the commas.

Here's a recap of things from the list. I think my momentum is slowing. That's ok...I do have 2 whole years to finish it!!!

#12 - Meet or exceed weekly audit goal for 4 weeks straight.
I'm two weeks into it, and today at midnight marks the end of the third week. While I do have some audits to finish today (5), I'm confident I'll make this week the third straight week that I've either met or exceeded my weekly goal.

#15 - Set up schedule for working this summer and stick to it.
This one feeds into the previous goal. I've noticed that having a schedule for daily activities with the boys helps us have a better day and get more things done. The same holds true for work. A big HUGE shout out to my mom who has been giving up a lot of her summer to watch the boys. They love spending so much time her her and my dad, but I'm afraid we're going to tire them out! Now that they're on a cruise, I suppose I need to get on the horn to find a sitter for the next week. Oye...why do I put these things off?

#41 - Assemble Adam's computer and load educational games.
We received this computer as a hand-me-down from the custodian/ IT guy at St. John's. He cleaned off a computer and gave it to us for free! He had everything except the monitor- which we had an extra of. My mom had left over games from her Kindergarten classroom...and vwa-laa! Free computer!!! Adam loves it!!! We're out of room in the Love Shack, so it sits on our lateral file. Not exactly the most ergonomic conditions...but we'll work on that in a year or so.

#62 - Reconnect with an old friend I've lost touch with.
When I started this one, I wasn't sure which friend I would reconnect with. There are a few that I'm either no longer in contact with, close to, or just moved on from. Actually, a particular friend is never really far from my prayers, and I knew that I would reconnect with her someday and was praying for God to tell me when that would be. This is a friend who helped me through break ups, bad jobs, even worse bosses, etc. But, I was also with her on a few traumatic days in her life...which have both blessed and scarred me. After I got married, we got distant, and after Adam was born, I just had different priorities - as she did too. We went down to "Christmas list friends." Then, 4 years ago in early spring, she sent me a letter- which I accidentally lost. In my quest for organization last week, I found the letter (figured it was God putting it on my heart to get in touch with her) and dropped her an email- hoping that the address she posted in the letter was still current. It was! My, how things change. She's currently homeless, living out of her travel trailer...but enjoying the adventure for now. They're going to church, and the kids seem to be doing well. We're enjoying emailing back and forth for now.

#87 - Find a pretty collar for Molly
Molly lost a lot of weight this last year. She went from 103.5 to 85.3. That's almost 20 pounds! The vet was ecstatic- apparently, labs have a hard time loosing weight since they are sooo orally focused, and I have two little ones that enjoy making her jump for food. He old collar was falling apart, so I grabbed one out of the closet- which was pretty snug. The vet suggested getting a larger one. Last week, the AKC brand was on sale at off I went! I got her a green paisley one- which wasn't my first choice, but close enough. All the others were pink-polka dotty - which doesn't suit any female in this family. She was very excited about it...and I swear she was prancing around when I told her she looked pretty.

Oh, and to comment on a previous post...I'm thoroughly enjoying the tea from my NEW iced tea maker!!! I love tea!!! Have a good week everyone!!!

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