Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Blooper Reel

Until I had more than one child, I never - in a million years- thought it would be THIS difficult to get a good picture of both of them. My strategy? Line them up, talk to them, give them directions, and take as many pictures as I can in the smallest amount of time possible. Then, load them up and pick the best one of the lot. If I wait a few days, I can actually get myself to laugh at the blooper reel (I'm not as quick to laugh if I'm still sweating from the ordeal). Here's a little of my story for our Father's Day post via the blooper reel:

Hey Adam, stop watching Syd the Science Kid and look at mommy.
I'm going to need you two to sit a little closer, mmm k?

Ok, thanks for moving closer.
How about sitting *next* to each other?
Can we keep our hands out of our mouths?
Thanks, buddy.

How about we move it up onto the couch?
Ok...Colin...Colin? Where are you?
Adam, where are you?
I need to see eyeballs, boys!

Hey, Adam...let's turn Syd the Science Kid off.
Colin, leave daddy's hat on your head, please!

Adam, where are your handsome eyeballs?
Colin, I can't see your hat in the picture?
Can you put it on your head like daddy does?

Ok, Adam...almost done.
Eyes open, PLEASE.
Colin, can you touch your knees with your hands?

Adam- hat on your head.
Colin, look at mommy......
ugh, please!

Getting closer, guys...I need to see eyeballs, though.
Where's my handsome smiles and eyeballs?

Whew. D.U.N.

We gave Dave this picture inside a "God {Heart}'s daddy and me"
And I burned about 300 calories getting the pic. Double whammy!


Jadehollow said...

Dropping by from blogfrog.. Great job on your blog header!

Lyndsay said...

I have much more respect for child photographers now that I have two kids. It's almost impossible, but good for you for sticking with it and getting a great shot.

Side note: We had the exact same couch and just gave it away to our friends last year. Loved it, but just didn't need it anymore.