Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Colin's musings

Adam loves when I post videos. He'll scroll around on our blog to find them and play them over and over...so, big boy, here's one for you to enjoy.

By the way, yes.. my boys do watch Sponge Bob. While that wasn't my first choice in "educational entertainment," they enjoy it and the cartoon itself opens up some dialogs as to what is nice and not -so- nice. I felt much better about it when we had a local pastor's wife watch the boys the other day, and I overheard her tell Adam that her kids watched Sponge Bob too. Apparently, the pastor's wife was all the validation I needed. :)

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Mama4Real said...

Aaaaah Spongebob. I tried to restrict it, but then I laughed at it once, and now it's a staple. When I look back at the things I wasn't allowed to watch and think how ridiculous some of them are, I really want to make wise choices and not be hugely over-protective or whatever...so, I guess Spongebob can stay:)