Saturday, June 20, 2009

My babies' daddy

In light of Father's Day, I thought I would do a posting honoring my husband, the father of my children (my babies' daddy). So, here's a few things you may or may not know about Dave.

  • is a self-starter, full of integrity, motivation and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • is the most honest man I know...really, honest.
  • also knows when to keep his mouth shut
  • is gentle and firm

  • loves all kids, but especially loves babies
  • has great compassion for mentally handicapped people
  • likes to save money
  • works his fingers to the bone (sometimes literally) to put food on the table
  • has his mother's passion and his father's compassion (great blend!)
  • is hot. :)
  • loves wearing baseball caps
  • drinks beer
  • puts our needs above all others
  • has a servant's heart at church (and in the community)
  • loves going for walks
  • leads us diligently where we should go as a family
  • likes to have a schedule
  • is a staunch conservative and has little tolerance for liberal agenda
  • is ridiculously intelligent (see previous statement)
  • wakes up during thunderstorms to check on the house, the trees outside, and the boys to make sure they're safe (even though they sleep right through them).
  • is debt free
  • has built our house with his own hands...and some help from friends and family.
  • has a meticulous attention to detail (which makes him an incredible carpenter)
  • loves to dance to "Footloose" at weddings (sometimes I think he secretly wants to be Kevin Bacon)
  • goes to fix the 94 year old neighbor's mailbox post when he has an hour to spare.
  • loves time with his wife and boys- and prefers it over time with any others
  • thinks a romantic evening is the two of us sitting by the fire pit on a clear night just talking the night away
  • feels he was born in the wrong decade
  • is NOT obsessed with material possessions or name brands
  • believes in the importance of reading to the boys, and is always up for some Little Critter books
  • watches the History Channel and PBS
  • continues to buy me hanging baskets for Mother's Day even though he knows I kill them
  • loves sciency things- Nova, Apollo 13, NASA etc.
  • would love to take me back to New England- where we honeymooned
  • loves to teach Adam things like driving, carpentry, fishing, etc.

  • hardly ever complains about my cooking (except when it tastes too manufactured)
  • enjoys deer hunting with my dad
  • has the BEST belly laugh...which makes funny movies that much funnier
  • needs new walking shoes
  • loves that I know how to garden vegetables, but hates that I forget to water them
  • remembers to water the garden for me.
  • always greets us with a smile on face at the end of a long day
  • is incredibly patriotic
  • stands by matter what
  • has been the one to tell me both times "It's a boy!" when the boys were born
  • is a man's man
  • prefers salt over sweets
  • figures out how to fix our vehicles himself instead of taking them to the shop
  • is a great example of what I hope our son's grow up to be
  • is worthy of my admiration, love and respect
  • is a fantastic father, husband and friend

Happy Father's Day, my love!
Thank you for being such a terrific father to our sons. I'm so grateful that God chose you and I to be parents together, and that he gave us these two boys to raise. I love how the boys get all excited when you come home every night, and how they save things during the day to show you when you get home. The other day, I asked Adam what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said, "my dad." Thank you for being you. Love you tons, Me.


Alicia W. said...

what a sweet sweet post!

megan said...

What a nice post....I love that you are debt free, does that go for the house? My hubby and I are huge Dave Ramsey fans and are almost debt free (1,500 left on a car) and we sold our home to rent becasue it was alot cheaper for us while we saved to by again in a few years. Just intrested in how you guys save and live debt free? Is it someone or your own plan? Blessings

Sandy Hop said...

Megan, Completely debt free does include the house! We were fortunate to have some good paying jobs right off the bat in marriage (and a lower mortgage due to my husband's good head on his shoulders) so we paid off the mortgage within 14 months of marriage! We follow D. Ramsey too- every dollar has a name!!!

Pam said...

Thank you for reading my blog last week. I tried again. It's a lot of fun. I'm trying to put a slide show together. We will see if it works....LOL

Mama M. said...

Oh. My. Gosh. What an amazing post...did he read this? You brought tears to my eyes...and made me chuckle out loud (in reference to the conservativeness and intelligence--he and my hubby would get along great!!). I loved it! Loved it.

Rach said...

what a super nice post Sandy....loved it! But now I feel like I should do a nice one for Peter....but I think a sandwich will do