Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday week re-cap

This has been one of those weeks.
Crazy schedules = crazy kids
To top that off, the boys had some sort of bug at the beginning of the week.
But anyway, I did accomplish a few list items this week. So, here goes:

#3 - Find bunkbeds for the boys for under $100.

This is probably the one that I'm most excited about this week! Some friends from my old church were moving into a house, and saw a set of bunkbeds (with tags still attached!!!). She remembered us and our quest for bunkbeds. So, she got them with the house, and we purchased them from her for a whopping $75!!! They were delivered today via the Behm-delivery service. They're really sturdy too! I'm even more excited to finish the boys room now!!!

#6 - Clean out broken toys from the sandbox.

#9 - Add more sand to the sandbox.

These two naturally go together. Along with the bunkbeds, the Behm -delivery service brought three more pails of fantastic sand! In order to get the sand in the box, we had to clear out all the toys. I took that opportunity to throw some away. One broken toy is staying, though. It's a giant excavator that Adam will play with for hours out there. I'm sure if I threw it away, he'd adjust to playing with other toys, but I just couldn't get rid of it yet.

#52 - Find a summer hat Colin will keep on his head!

It doesn't look like I'll have to search very far for this one! (Thank goodness!) We got this hat free from Toys R Us when Adam was little. When we were leaving on Saturday for an event, Colin saw it hanging in the closet, and put it on himself.

It was quite a windy day, so Colin did end up chasing it around the parking lot a bit, but he always put it back on his head. I think we have a keeper!!! Apparently, my off spring likes giraffes as much as I do!

And, here's an update on our garden. I know that list item was crossed off some time ago (expand the garden), but the heat and humidity has really done it a world of good! The veggies from right to left are: corn, tomatoes, green beans, squash (back) and lettuce (front). The corn looks a little sickly, but I'm hoping a little fertilizer will perk it up! A wise old man once told me they had to be "knee high by the 4th of July." Here's hoping!

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Lyndsay said...

I always thought the phrase was 6 inches high by the 4th of July. That's what my MIL told me at least. But mine are way taller than that. Your little garden looks great though.