Friday, June 5, 2009

Week recap/ List update

Ok, ok...this is a day late...but hey, at least its in the same week, right?!?! Let me start by saying Whew!... This has been a long week! I am horribly exhausted, and hope that the weekend provides some restful relief.

I'm just going to get on with the list recap- since there are many:

#1- Have a garage sale.

Well, it actually wasn't a garage sale, more like an addition sale. Since we didn't want to have to move all the tools and boxes in the garage and we had a gaping empty space in the addition, we stuffed everything in there. It was nice to be able to go back and forth with when people came. However, the sales were a total bust. I made about $25 on the entire three days- don't spend it all in one place, Sandy. I know, right? But it was on the list, and now its crossed off. There are a few things that I'm sure I can list online...which is another list item- so that would be a bonus.

#8 - Purchase a light fixture for the front porch.

Done and installed. :) I think Dave was excited to have it, because as soon as he got the box (it was a special order), he installed it. There's no electricity going to it right now, so its strictly ornamental...for the time being. But it's a pretty little ornament. :)

#18 - Clean out SCRIP boxes.

Adam had kindergarten visitation on Thursday night. I took that opportunity to head to Horrocks in search of treats for the school picnic and teacher gifts. When that took a fraction of the time I thought it would, I found myself with a little time on my hands at school. So, I started to clean and organize thescrip box. When I got home, I took it a step further and cleaned out the one I have here. done!

#19 - Organize work projects into folders.

While I was working on the big stack of papers in/around/near/under my
desk for scrip, I just kept going. The picture below is the fruits of my labor. I don't even want to tell you how long it actually took (a long time!), but its a pretty little box filled with folders I use on a weekly basis. All others are resting comfortably out in the garage.

#36- Give up pop for 3 consecutive weeks.

As of last Tuesday, this one is Done! I think I'm going to keep going with this one. I'm liking the not feeling "blah" that pop was giving me.

#38 - Surprise my kids once a week for 4 weeks.

Dave's parents are actually helping me with this one! They are taking Adam camping this weekend! I figured that this would be a nice surprise for him! I didn't tell Adam when Linda first approached me because this is Michigan and weather patterns aren't quite predictable. I spent most of the morning (when not tending the garage sale and auditing and mommy-ing) ruffling through the mountain of laundry downstairs trying to find enough clean clothing to keep him warm/cold enough. It's hard to pack his suitcase when he's not in-the-know. I'm sure he's having a fantastic time! He LOVES his grandparents, and he LOVES the RV!
As a surprise to Colin, I think I'll just take him out to TCBY tonight- he loves any kind of destination..and he LOVES ice cream!

Have a good week, everyone!

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