Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ten Best things about the weekend.

1.  Silent Auction on Friday night benefiting A.'s elementary school.  It was a great time with great great people.  I had a wonderful time, and stayed within budget.  Even though a dear friend (LESLEY!!!) swiped a service out from under me.  (not really, I gave her permission...just giving her crap.  hehe)

2.  I made it through errand running on Saturday morning with two boys in tow.  And they survived.  And I survived.

3.  We have turned in all of A's candy money for camp.  Which means, we successfully sold all three boxes of World's Finest chocolates.  And I ate one.

4.  Molly had her vet. appt. on Friday.  In two years she's gone from morbidly obese as a dog to now being underweight.  We've given her table scraps the past two days.  She is one.happy.girl.

5.  I detailed the van on Saturday!  With two boys in tow!  She's rusty, and she's loud, but she's clean.

6.  We have GREAT neighbors.  I love hanging around with them, and I LOVE that they bring us Phillipino food to say "thank you" for letting them play on our swing set - when it was just a dream to just sit and catch up with them in the first place.

7.  My niece turned one yesterday.  It's always nice for the boys to see their cousins.

8.  The Family Fare near my house is having tons of clearance sales in order to rotate their stock.  I purchased popsicles for dessert tonight.  Sugar free creamsicles are yummy.

9.  I think I have the best small group ever.  It's always been the best small group - even with people coming and going.  Best.ever.  D and I love having everyone together, and it's really a group we feel comfortable with in sharing and rejoicing.  Bonus:  the kids all get along together and LOVE playing all together.  Seriously,

10.  I had a great weekend enjoying my family.  The snuggles, the hugs, the laughter, the naps, and even the frustrations that arise from "too much togetherness."  Loved being able to just focus on them and enjoying their company.


Rebecca said...

Nice list! I like:
#3- Good job on eating only one chocolate! Unless you mean one box of chocolate... ;)
#7- Emma turned 1 already? Time flies! Then again, Hannah turns 1 in less than 3 months...eek!
#9- I might have to disagree on your small group being the best ever..ours is pretty rockin' too. On that note, isn't it great to have such an amazing small group? Hug blessing.

Rebecca said...

(and by "hug blessing" I mean "hugE blessing ;))

Anonymous said...

Happy end of weekend to you! Always good to start a new week with happy thoughts of what has been (and then what is to come)!