Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Darn those socks!

And so the bug up my butt continues to fester...

Perhaps I should think of another metaphor for this bug...

Since I am not really apt to liking talk regarding my derriere.

And festering...

Sigh...I digress.

Anyway, the spring cleaning/ organizational spree (SCOS for short) continues to demand my attention.

This time, I realized it was time.

This was me on Monday of last week:

And Tuesday:

And Wednesday:

(side note:  I've fixed my polish since then.  This was a HORRIBLE attempt at a french pedicure....horrible.)

Anyway...see a pattern here?!?!?

It was time.

Time to tackle...

...the sock drawer.

I actually loathe my sock drawer, so I started with all.the.others first.

I cleaned house! 

Things that were too big (SQUEEL!) were taken out, things I haven't worn in a year, things I'm not really into anymore...

...let's just say that Salvation Army is about to hit pay dirt.  :)

Well, everything else was done.

I had to open the sock drawer.

There's a few reasons I didn't want to go there:

1.  I usually don't match many socks in the laundry, and I knew there were too many unmatched ladies to count.

2.  I've been slowly discarding the really-ripped ones (as opposed to the not-so-badly-riped ones), and was afraid that I'd have no socks left.

3.  I haven't been to the bottom of this drawer in a long time.  Given that we live in a house called the "love shack", I was honestly afraid that something had burrowed in there and I would find it on this fine afternoon.

So, here she is...muh darn sock drawer.

So...after I discarded the not-so-badly riped socks, and the ones that will perpetually be single...

I'm left with 18 pairs of socks.

Thank goodness sandal season is coming soon.

Oh yeah...and another one crossed of the list!  (#7)


Sandy S. said...

Ha! We just did this too! I FINALLY caved and picked up some new socks for me and the kiddo and threw out a bunch of my old holiday socks!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely something I need to do, too! I've finally been throwing out socks when they turn up holey - that's a start!

Big Fat Gini said...

I easily solved the problem with socks by moving to Texas and wearing flip-flops year round.

Mama M. said...

Whoa. THAT is impressive! Our sock drawers are mostly empty...'cuz our socks are currently sitting (waiting to be folded) in a basket in the living room. I could really borrow that festering bug of yours for a bit! ;)