Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On your mark....

A few weeks ago, A's school participated in a track meet hosted by my old elementary school.

So, when asked to take a day off work to drive and help with the kids,

I (or course) said yes.

It's a day of fun, competition, and talking with a lot of other fun moms that drove too.

Here's the 40 yard dash start line.

Yes, A. wore his Detriot Tigers ballcap through the entire race.


He's not the fastest kid in the world, but he held his own within the pack.

And since it was held in my home town (actually at my old high school field),
my dad came to spend some time with the boys!

The boys were SO excited to see him
(and the bag of snacks he had with him)

This is a kindergarten sack race.  This little cutie pie rode in my van on the way over, and I thought I'd grab a few shots of her for her mom.  I LOVE this one of her hopping over the finish line.

A's turn at the sack race....he's so tall and big that he really didn't fit in the sack as well as some of the littler kids.  He fell a few times (which is a GREAT improvement from last year).

 The strategy for this year was more the hopping one (as opposed to the stick-toes-in-the-corners-and-run).  This provided more fun fall shots...which, as a parent, I appreciate.
 This next shot makes me laugh.  A. fell RIGHT before the finish line.  Instead of getting up and crossing the line, he s--t---r--e--t--c--h--e--d out and crossed it.  I'm thanking Lightning McQueen for that inspirational finish.

 Then, the ball throw. 
The boys' faces when they threw the ball (as HARD as they could) really cracked me up.
The winner of this event seriously should try out for the professional leagues.
He was that good.

No bleachers on the North field.
So, papa Ken and C. just played on the hill.
C. LOVED all the attention from papa, and I LOVED that I could take pictures of the events without worrying about the Crazy One.

The standing long jump.
I have a beef with this one, but I'm choosing to be a good sport about it.

Surmize it to say, A. was robbed of a place.

He was clearly in the top 5,

but the other top 4 were on the other side of the pack,
so his didn't get measured.

A. is handling it alot better than I am.

Clearly, I hold a grudge.

Anyway, you'll see A. below.  Still.wearing.his.hat.

All in all, a GREAT day!
I had fun with my boys, my dad (and mom - who was helping host the event), familiar faces from my old church, and LOTS of fun with friendly moms from A's school.


TV's Take said...

Cute! Love the one of your girl jumping. How fun to go 'home' and see your kids participating on the same field as you.

Big Fat Gini said...

So sweet! It looks like a super fun day! And, it totally made me miss my daddy...

Anonymous said...

Seeing the picture of him stretching out just cracks me up - even better than hearing the story of it happening - love it!