Tuesday, May 31, 2011


My weekend was jam packed.

Most of it was fun.

Lots of fun.

But, I'm coming to realize that my version of "fun" isn't what it used to be.

About 10 years ago, I'd define "fun" as going somewhere for the weekend. 

Anywhere BUT home.


Productivity is the name of the game.

With some fun sprinkled in.

My Memorial Day Weekend was riveting.

Here's a (partial) breakdown in pictures.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the fun.

Hold on to your seat belts:

Walked with the best walking partner ever (and her awesomely cute boys!)
Family pizza/movie night
Cleaned bathrooms.
Watched Swamp People on Netflix (totally recommend, by the way!)

COMPLETED the long run!
Audits (completing my weekly quota)
Refaced a clock in the basement


Decided to find my ironing board.
I spent 2 hours ironing.
I invited friends to join me.
No one wanted to come.

Went to Meijer
(and realized that the father of one of A's classmates is in an Improv group here in town- we ran into him at the shepherd hooks display wearing the RCI jacket....who knew?!?!?)
 purchased hooks and hung Mother's Day gifts: 
 started to organize and frame family pictures:
pulled out the summer clothing and swapped out for the winter clothing:
(this activity swipes the MOST time of my day - like 2-3 HOURS)
Then, when D. got home, we went out to my friend, Melody's house for dinner and bonfire.
Only the ladies stayed inside and the kids and dads were at said bonfire.
The ladies were having a great time chatting.
And Melody made some SPECIAL taco shells just for her and I - keeping our diets on track.
This was an awesome night!
Every member of my family had a great time (this is usual - usually one didn't enjoy him/herself).
This always happens when we go out to Mel's house.
We got the boys to bed at a ridiculously late hour.


Where we sang both verses of the National Anthem.
(did YOU know that there's 2 verses?!?!)

Came home to eat lunch,
and fold about 11 loads of laundry.
This is also when I found 4 more shirts that needed ironing.
I cried.

D. noticed the funky smell that I've been complaining about in the van.
I detailed it the week after spring break, but it stayed...
Well, he found the culprit.
A. must have stashed some sort of food in the arm rest in the very back of the van.
D. said it was horribly awfully gross.
I owe him BIG time for that.
(D. said that as well)

Then I steamed the kitchen floor with my Shark.
Love my Shark.

While I was doing this, A. was out playing with a neighbor boy, and C. fell into a deep sleep
on the couch.
So, when we woke him up to eat dinner with us....
Well...this was what we endured the entire dinner:

After dinner, we pulled out D's grandpa's memory box and looked through it all.
He was on Utah Beach on D-Day, and there's a lot of memorabilia in there.
It's really neat to look through it all.

Below, you'll see D. reading the journal of his great, great grandpa.
He brought his family over from Europe on a boat.
The journal documented part of that journey.
It was amazing to listen to him read it.


 D. went to work.  :(  A. went with him.  :)

C. and I had a productive few hours.

We released our captive butterflies:

Found a greenhouse open on Memorial Day, and purchased an eggplant plant for our vegetable garden.
Planted said eggplant plant, and all the other plants in the garden area.

Fixed the garden sprinkler.

Bug sprayed the lawn:

Went to get A. from my in-laws house where D. was working in the morning.  It was fun to see them, and C. hardly reacted to their cat!  He complained a tad of his chest hurting and coughed a bit that afternoon, but by evening, he did great!  Woohoo!

While D. was working, I did a paper mock up of our family picture wall.
I once read on a blog somewhere that this is a smart (easier) thing to do when doing a collage
this way you can mark on the paper where the hanger is, get the spacing right, and then
just put nails where the hangers are.
Take down the paper, hang up the frames, and you're done.

Then we went for a ride.
The boys were arguing a lot, and I figured they needed some down time.
We made it an entire mile from the house before I saw this in the back of the van:

 D's last job of the day was a project for church.  He had to dig a 2ft. deep x 3 ft. long x 2 1/2 ft. wide concrete base for a cross going in soon.

Then we went to our friends for more cookout fun!
We left relatively "early" so the boys could come home and get a good night sleep.
By early, I mean 1 hour after bedtime.
I'm having such a hard time staying on the school schedule with beautiful weather!

Bring on the summer!  I'm ready!

Aren't you glad you read this post?
Your life is so much more complete, right?!?!


Brittney said...

Sounds like a fun and eventful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my idea of fun now, too :) (especially the walking part). Someone asked today how my weekend was and I said, oh great... and then detailed how I had a cold and a migraine but in spite of both those - it was a great weekend! Horray for being old.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say that I love the upside down sunglasses...

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Yeah, that was about our weekend...got my first plants in, and started to clean out the garage. Oh, and laundry, though you shame me with the ironing! Don't touch that.

Mama M. said...

Completely riveting! I made it all the way through and got slightly annoyed when I got interrupted, so that equates riveting, right?