Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not my finest moment(s)

Lately, I've been pretty shall I say...selfish?  socially unacceptable?  improper?

I can't figure out the word that adequately fits my behavior.

Sometimes I really miss doing the "Not Me! Monday posts"

Someone once told me that they were annoying

I saw them as cheap therapy.

So, here I will my "confessional chair" (even though I'm NOT catholic)

Here's my confession:

- After touting about good nutrition to my friends and family, I was dreading spending time packing a lunch for C's preschool picnic this week.  So, I went to Meijer and purchased a Lunchable.
Hey, at least there's fruit in it, right?

-I also purchased items for A's baseball practice tonight - since we're in charge of snack this evening.  I purchased CarpiSun Roaring Waters (complete with HFCS) and Kellog's Granola Bars (no HFCS, but loaded with other crap).  I'm just too cheap to purchase organic stuff for other people's stranger's kids.

- I ate an aitken's protein bar two days ago - fully aware that they make me ummmm...socially unacceptable.  Then I went to bed earlier than D. and fell asleep fast so I didn't have to hear about how much the bedroom smelled.

- I fed my family leftovers last night for dinner, and headed out to Panera for a gourmet salad.  Mmmm. salad.

-Yesterday, as C. was sitting on my lap, he let out a loud burp.  As I chastised him for not saying "excuse me," he let out another louder one...with a hard-core toot to go with it at the exact.same.time.  I laughed.  Not quiet laughing...full from-the-belly laughter.  Way to discourage behavior, Sandy.

- I started looking into 5k runs in my local area.  At which time I had a total anxiety attack, and changed my search.  Yes, this journey is more mental than physical.  Ok, it's really physical too, but the mental blocks don't help.  A post about this journey of mine will be forthcoming....eventually.

- I'm wondering if C's attitude has less to do with lack of naps, and more to do with a dietary issue.  But, for now, I'm going to wait and see....only because I'm not up for toddler detox.

- It's taken me 3 days to clean my basement bathroom.  Since I do only little tidbits at a time.  And the toilet and floor have yet to be cleaned.  Apparently, I'm a big believer in "don't bite off more than you can chew."

- I'm the world's biggest procrastinator.  And I'm a big forgetter.  This is a dangerous combination.

- I detailed the minivan a few weeks ago....and it's a mess again.  Apparently, I cannot maintain a general state of cleanliness.

- I was signed up to follow my 3 in-law's during their Marathon run on Sunday morning.  I held my cell phone directly behind my church bulletin eagerly anticipating my texts to let me know of their progress.  I hardly heard much of the sermon (sorry, Pastor!).  I was busy praying for them the whole time.  Thankfully, A. filled in the blanks of the outline, so I read it later.  I received the last texts as two of them crossed the finish line together just as church was getting dismissed.  Good timing, Marianne and Matt!

- I had the horrible and untimely urge to go to the bathroom yesterday while sitting in the drive thru at Chase Bank.  I hit the "call button" and asked the teller if she could "hurry up so I could use the restroom."  Whereupon she started CHATTING with me about bladder control after having children.  Whereupon I asked her AGAIN to "please hurry!"  I bobbed my head the whole way home in an effort to sway my focus.  I was less concerned about the embarrassment of urinating on my self, and more concerned with the smell of pee on my driver's seat.  I have no shame.

-  Tomorrow is our last MOPS meeting for the year.  Happy and sad at the same time.  Thankfully, I have one more year with these fantastic ladies.  But I'm ready to adjourn for the summer.  I'm a mixed bag of emotions.


Anonymous said...

With regard to not biting off more than you can chew, what does it say if you don't even want to chew (or take a bite)?

TIFFANY said...

I will definitely agree (from experience) that the procrastinator/forgetter combination is dangerous! Glad to know I'm not alone. :)