Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I'm glad to hear that SO many of you enjoyed our last Not Me! Monday post. Yes, that was definitely a *highlight* of my parenthood journey. Now, back to regular "basic" Not Me! posts.

My kindergartner is not sick again today. He has not been sick since last Wednesday evening. I was not mildly upset this morning to have to wake him up well past his normal wake up time only to find out he slid back down the sickness slope. I was not totally looking forward to getting back into our normal routine, disinfect the house, and run some desperately needed errands. Nope, Not me! I'm a child-centered mom, revolve my life around my children's needs, and always put them first. I never think of "me-time." Thinking that I need to refresh myself in order to be a better wife and mom is just plain selfish.

I do not encourage my two year old to play with Play-Doh in hope that the nasty taste it leaves on his hands would discourage him from sucking his thumb. Not Me! First of all, not washing after playing with said Doh is unsanitary and gross. Second, I would never enlist the help of a children's commodity to aid me in something that a little extra effort of parenting could do. That would just be plain-out laziness. Thank goodness I don't do that at all.

I was not totally stoked when two neighbors asked me to gather their mail and let their dogs out when they were gone. I do not have a totally old-fashioned need for a neighborhood community. That being said, I realize that in order to keep this neighborhood feeling, I need to dress the part. So, I most certainly did not grace the doorsteps of these neighbor's houses in my blue monkey pajama pants. I would never disrespect someones home by showing up in my evening attire. Especially not at 2 pm. Nope! I'm all about appearances, and strive to be the best trophy wife I can be. (Yeah, even I'm laughing out loud at this one!)

I do not have a toddler that is totally into our home appliances. He does not put everything in the oven and broiler drawer. It has not taken me 5 separate instances of smoke filled house/ smoke detector going off before I finally learned my lesson. I do not have 3 burned socks, a charred granola bar, a partially melted Uof M coat, a nonexistent pen, and a ruined 8x8 stoneware pan as proof that I have a delayed learning curve. I am a smart mom and always on my toes. I never do anything on auto-pilot. That would just be totally careless of me.

Ok, that's all I've got this week. I'm sure there's tons more...but nothing comes to mind. To see what everyone else is up so, click here.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

very cute! love your blog!

Rach said...

lol sandy...thanks! I'd better get back on my of these days

Sara said...

Ah yes, 2 year olds. My 20 month old likes to climb up on the open dishwasher door. I'm really hoping it doesn't break!

Jacky said...

Hey, your 2 yo and Big Mac may have something in common with the melted stuff! =) I enjoyed reading this post, so thanks for sharing!

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you sooo much for your comment! I love each and every comment I recieve...=)

Anonymous said...

I do not think your playdoh idea is totally excellent!

Paige said...

Oh my cracked me up! Your list of slightly charred/totally damaged items had me laughing out loud!

I pray your kindergartner is well soon. I so went through that last week with my now 4 year old and it is so draining.

Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier!


It Feels Like Chaos said...

Oh so funny and wow, in the oven?!! I have had 3 toddlers, the current one is really and truly crazy, but I can say I've never had one put something in the oven!

Summer said...

Although my family disagrees, I have some PJ's that I call 'every day wear', and think they can get me through almost any situation. I'm sure the pj's you 'weren't' wearing fall into that category :)

Anonymous said...

great not me monday post. sounds like your toddler is very similar to my 20 month old. lol.

Amanda said...

Thanks for dropping in!

The play doh taste would never help in this house...I have an impossible time stopping my kids from eating it!

We got a Ford Expedition Max...BIIIG truck, but with 4 kids, 2 being under 1, we need it!

Mama4Real said...

ha ha ha! You and Mckmama had a similar week it seems! ;)

Anonymous said...

GREAT not me post!

oo and I love yout "about me" - debt free living rocks!