Tuesday, October 6, 2009

33. One third of 99.

33. I am 33 years old today.

I don't have a problem with it at all this year. 30 was hard. 31 was harder. 32 was depressing.

33 is really really good.

So, in honor of my 33rd birthday and 33 wonderful years...I'm going to do a quick list of 33 things I'm thankful for. (I need to credit Rachel for the idea- although she didn't need to be thankful for 33 things...soon, though)

1. Dave. He is definitely the man that God made for me and my life. I'm proud to call him husband. He's hardworking, honest and patient. And he loves me- no matter what weight I'm at...but still encourages me to be healthy. Dave believes in simple living, and doesn't need a lot of "stuff" to impress anyone or make him happy. I LOVE this about him.

2. Adam. Quite possibly the most loving 5 year old I know. Loves to cuddle. I love that about him.

3. Colin. The craziest toddler I know. Also the fastest with a smile. Amazingly ticklish.

4. Being a Christian first and a Lutheran second. Thanks, Martin, for your thesis.

5. Being debt free. Quite possibly the hardest road to walk, but the most rewarding by far.

6. My mom and dad. Awesome parents, even more awesome grandparents who are willing to take the boys overnight.

7. My in laws who are straight up honest and caring people. Great grandparents to my boys too!

8. My brother and his family and their visit back to Michigan this year. Great visit and nice to reconnect with my only living sibling.

9. Dr. and Cheryl Wisdom. They're working with me to regulate all my health issues so I can feel better and live the life I was meant to lead.

10. Molly. Yes, I'm even grateful for my 2x4 chocolate lab that continuously gets into the garbage, and farts incessantly.

11. The love shack. Ugh....yes, I'm grateful for it.

12. Being gluten free. It's been a journey, but one that's stretching and challenging me. And that helps me feel so much better.

13. Reese's peanut butter cups are gluten free. Need I say more?

14. It's fall! This is my favorite time of year. I love the smells, the rain, the crisp air, the colors...love it.

15. Dried cherries. Yum.

16. The cute (albeit uncomfortable) sandals I purchased to go with my new sundress for a wedding Dave was in this summer. They're high wedges. Very cute.

17. Adam's kindergarten. St. Mark was the best, most rewarding decision ever. He has blossomed this year, and I LOVE it!

18. I LOVE that Dave's sister and her kids live in West Michigan. The boys LOVE them, and we love doing things with them.
19. Elmo and his world. I'm so grateful for the 20 minutes of peace he buys me!

20. Working from home. For all the stresses that it adds, it is a blessing not to have to put my kids in a day care and earn some extra money at the same time. In addition, I finally have a boss that I can actually respect.

21. This blog. For helping me gain a creative outlet, poke fun at myself, and stay in touch with family I don't see/talk to often.
22. Our minivan. Yep...hot stuff. But paid for, and helps us carpool to and from school.
23. Being able to get pregnant, stay pregnant and have healthy babies. The more I learn about my hormones (or lack thereof) the more I realize that my children are such a miracle.
24. MOPS. This group has enriched my life. I've found other moms in the trenches of motherhood who encourage me to grow in my faith.
25. Our small group bible study. With all its changes over the years, our group remains very close and very strong. This is certainly a safe place for Dave and I to share hopes and burdens.
26. Crafts. Yes! I love crafts!!!
27. My bestie, Gina...she is my personal counselor.
28. My other bestie, Erika...she is my personal cheerleader.
29. The giraffe feeding site at Binder Park Zoo. I could seriously stay there all day/ every day. I heart giraffes.
30. Neighbors. I have some that are nice and courteous and ask me to let their dogs out when they go on vacation and do garage sales together! I love that.
31. Mentors. I have many, and I'm thankful for them.
32. Sinus rinses. They've saved me so much money and toxins with allergies.
33. Belly laughs. It's the best sound in the world.
Yes...33 is really really good.


MannMom3 said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sandy!!

You have an award on my blog..:-)

Jeanette said...

Happy birthday! YOu are so blessed, obviously by your wonderful list! I get to turn 30 in a couple of months - uh, woohoo! or something like that. entering the thirties is a little scary, I'm thinking. . .

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Sandy! I loved reading your list and I hope you realize that while you are thankful for so much, there are many of us who are very thankful to have you in our lives also. I'm so glad you were born. :)

Hope we can get together soon! :)

Sandy Hop said...

Awh, Kathy! THank you so much! Yes, let's get together VERY soon! This week Friday or next week?

Sara said...

Sandy, you are making me get teary with your list! What a great way to take time to give thanks.

Rach said...

Happy Birthday Sandy!! Very very nice list.

you're old....hee hee

Christy said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry it's a day late....it's been a week! :) Just wanted to say I hope it was a wonderful day for you and your family. I love your 33 things! I also love your "to do" lists. I am looking at doing this and asking my husband if we can make one up.
I have started Dave Ramsey's study...kind of. With Soapy traveling we can't go to classes but my parents did it so we are taking all the materials and doing it individually. I have two weeks of being on a cash system for our food, gas and entertainment. It's been an adjustment and I have taken time to get a list of our bills detailed but I am excited!
Thank you.

Pixel Perfect said...

Happy birthday...sorry I am late!

Ok, #13 made me laugh! I have a reese's addiction.