Thursday, October 8, 2009

Easy Fall Craft for kids

I LOVE fall!

I love to get outside and walk around smelling the crisp air and appreciating the color array God has made. My favorite are those maples that almost look like they're on fire from the inside out. They're so vibrant!
This week is peak color in Michigan. This is always a good time to get out and collect leaves with the boys. I tried to turn our "loot" into crafts. This is what I came up with- easy, fast and incredibly cost effective!

You'll need:
  • a pile of leaves (dried and de-bugged)
  • clear contact paper
  • scissors

First, gather leaves.

Cut 2 pieces of contact paper per child. I usually cut them about 18" long.
Peel one sheet of contact paper and place it sticky side up on the table.
Allow kids to decorate the sticky paper with leaves.
You'll want to leave some empty spaces so the paper can stick together.

When they're done, peel the other side and stick them together.
If you're like me, you'll need to trim the edges a bit.

The boys love their place mats! They're excited to eat meals at their "fall" place settings.
Cost per craft: $.75


kelly jean said...

We don't have any colors on our trees yet. Weird, huh? Love the idea, though. We'll be doing it when we get some colorful leaves!

Pixel Perfect said...

What a great idea! I am going to bookmark this, thanks for sharing!

Lori Ann said...

How cute are those! I'm with Kelly Jean though. We don't have colorful leaves around here normally, so it would end up being done with brown leaves.

Sandy Hop said...

You guys can do it with paper leaves too! Cut them out of construction paper, etc.