Sunday, October 11, 2009

Could have gone so so wrong...

There are moments as an adult that I look back to my childhood and think, "How did I survive that?!?!"
For instance, getting a dog bite on my eye, hitting the water hard (on my face) while water tubing.

You know, those kind of memories.

Dave has many of those stories as well.
And now, those stories are starting to build for my children as well.
I was out of the room to stir my chicken corn chowder and add pepper (a total of 4 minutes), and came back to my youngest on the floor, crying and holding a bloody gash in the side of his neck.
In that 4 minutes, Adam pulled down the blind strings, convinced Colin he could fly if he jumped from the back of the couch onto the floor. Colin had the string in his left hand crossing in front of his neck and jumped toward the right.
First, I said a prayer of thanksgiving that he wasn't hanging by the cord. Second, I tried to convince Adam that those cords are NEVER to come down from being tied up on top of the blinds. Third, I explained to both boys that they are NEVER to try to fly from anything - unless they're in a big airplane paying a pilot to fly them.
It could have been so much worse. I know, it wasn't. I'm thankful for that. But, this happened over 2 weeks ago, the scab has healed, and I'm only now able to write about it.
4 minutes.
I was gone for 4 minutes.
This is what it looked like an hour after it stopped bleeding.

Thank you, God for watching out for my kids when I can't.


Lori Ann said...

Thank God that it was no worse than that! Hope he mends quickly!

Brittney said...

Wow, praise God that he is okay!

Have fun on your dog search! My husband and I have had two Weims (our first passed away when she was 7 months) :[ and we plan on having a whole pack one day! They are by far our favorite breed and great for families. But they are sooo active! Are you looking at getting a Weim, or just any breed that will be good with your family? Dogs are such great additions! I hope you find the perfect timing and dog for your lovely family!

Lisa Curcio said...

I am so glad it wasn't worse that it was. Really though, what is it that goes off in a kids head that leads them to do something like this. I feel your pain with this.

Rach said...

YIKES Sandy!! I always wanted boys...but maybe my docile girls are just fine....thanks God he is okay. Did you freak out when you saw him?

Sandy Hop said...

Yes, I had a heart attack first, stopped breathing second, started to cry third, picked him up and held him sooooo tight fourth. Then I thought to really assess it- as long as he was breathing and not bleeding out, I was functional. But, for about an hour I was NOT ok. Then Dave came home and I had to figure out how to tell him that his kids are safe in my care. Ugh.