Thursday, October 29, 2009

Harvest Time! and Lemons from Lemonade

Do you remember this post?

At the time, the garden was just getting underway. We had only been able to harvest some lettuce for awesome salads, and weren't sure how things would progress due to the rather temperate summer we were having.

Well, a few things turned out just great.

Yes, this is a tomato the size of Adam's head.

And mind you, the kid has a pretty good size melon.

We harvested quite a few tomatoes before the rest chose not to turn from green to red. We had a ton of them sitting on our counter. In addition, we inherited some peppers from other growers who had a plethora.

We thought we'd try our hands at salsa.

So, we downloaded a few recipes from the Internet and started going. From the size of our tomatoes, we thought we'd have TONS of jars.

We got six.

Our corn didn't really grow as we had hoped.
We got 7 ears.
That look like this:

That probably totaled about 49 kernels total. :)
But we're HOPS! We won't let that get us down!
Because after all, if we can make lemons from lemonade...

We don't need to eat corn to get the most out of the stalks.


Brittney said...

Our tomato harvest from last summer:

Mmmm, home-grown tomatoes are so delicious!

Maybe your corn will work out next year. :)

Kathy said...

Awesome Sandy! I love the front porch, and I seriously drool everytime I see your front door. SOO beautiful. :)

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

WOW! I'm uber impressed at your harvest and would love some salsa!! Yummo!!