Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Commission, Adam and FPU Jr.- and a really funny story

A month ago, Adam came home with chapel offering envelopes. We thought this would be a good idea to teach him about tithing.

He needed to earn money first before he could tithe off it.

Enter: FPU Jr.

Adam was actually excited to have some jobs. Yes, friends...he's a Hop- they are born and bred workers. The acorn is not falling far from the tree.

So, we put together a commission chart. A few things he does daily, and a few weekly.

Daily chores are paid 5 cents each day for: making his bed, cleaning up his clothes, cleaning up toys (WITHOUT A FIGHT), and feeding Molly breakfast.

Weekly chores are paid 50 cents each and include: helping me dust the furniture, cleaning the toilet bowls, folding towels and washcloths, and one daddy chore (usually sweeping out the garage).

He also can get fines. His infractions include: saying "I hate you" to anyone, having to be told three times to do something, and getting on the red circle. (We have three circles on the fridge- green, yellow and red- if he's acting up, he has to change the circle- red is bad).

The fines have been a good thing. He's really thinking first before he does something.

Every Sunday we sit down for payday. We talk to Adam about money, what he's earned, what his fines are and why. We talk about quarters, nickels, pennys, etc. We fill his chapel envelope, fill his spending jar, and set aside some for a run to the bank.

The first time we did this took longer because we wanted to explain it thoroughly. So, we talked to him about spending money like on toys and ice cream...he got that idea right away.

Then we talked about saving. He liked the idea of having money in the bank. He really liked the idea of going to the bank- because they give out suckers.

Then came tithing. Dave took this conversation over. Here is what they said:

Dave: Ok, now we need to talk about tithing.

Adam: Tithing?

Dave: Yes, do you know who do we give money to?

Adam: What?

Dave: Who do we give money to?

Adam: Um...I don't know.

Dave: Ok, who tells us to give our money to Him, even though he doesn't need it?

Adam: Um.... Barack Obama.

Yes, Adam...you are smarter then you know.
Thought you all would enjoy that funny little story. :)
BTW, #51- Start Adam on FPU Jr. Done!


Anonymous said...

Adam is clearly a very smart boy! Good job with the early start on money management!!

Shelly said...

congrats on starting FPU jr. We need to be better with adult FPU. :-( We will make it.

Thomas and Jamie said...

Okay - I'm actually laughing out loud at my desk! That's hysterical!!