Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Ten(ish)

1.  I have adrenal fatigue.  Dave and I had a loooooong talk on Saturday about me, my hormones, my (lack of) weight loss, my motivation, etc.  Then, I went to bed.  At 8:30.  He went to google chronic adrenal fatigue.  He offered to let me sleep in on Sunday morning.  I think he's finally starting to get it.

2.  On a positive note:  my weight gain has slowed.  With both boys, it didn't slow until they hit 9-10 months.  Since Baby L. is only 4 months I'm hoping that's a positive hook I can hang my hat on.

3.  Due to my adrenal issues and the fact that it will take (forever) a while for my cracked pelvis to heal, I have not started running again.  I'm hoping to start up yoga....it's a start, right?

4.  We start our new small group this weekend.  Anxious and hopeful at the same time!!!  Lutherans are typically allergic to change (hence the anxiety), but I really feel the the people we've asked to join us are going to gel awesomely, and I'm excited to really get into the Word and chew on it a bit.

5.  A. has had this lingering cough for about a month now.  Now, Baby L. and I have it.  It's AWFUL!  At times I really feel like I cannot get a good deep breath.  Please pray (with me) that C. doesn't get it!  This would result in at least one ER trip....it's that bad.

6.  I am in need of a drastic attitude adjustment.  We had our taxes done, and found out we owe a king's ransom.  (not an over exaggeration- it's almost twice as much as we paid for our van).  In addition, the lack of maternity coverage (thanks to Obamacare legislation), increased medical costs and (again, thanks to Obamacare) our health insurance premiums are continuing to go up.  It seems like someone is always pulling money out of our pockets.  Like we were smart, and saved a bit....only to have them (government, medical stuff) yank it out.  I'm angry, scared, and frustrated.   So angry that I need to keep reminding myself that it's NOT OK to walk up to liberals and punch them in the face.  Yeah...attitude adjustment needed.

7.  We were hoping our van makes it to 300,000 miles.  (Currently at 216,000).  Think we can duct tape it so it will last to 500,000?  Here's hoping!

8.  I picked up some chia seeds at the nature store yesterday.  I may be a tad crunchy after all.

9.  Thanks to 3M Command strips, I have pictures on my walls.  My unfinished drywall walls.  Every time I pass those newly-hung pictures, I smile.  Much to Dave's chagrin.  :)

10.  I have no work calls to do this morning....so, in an effort to calm my angst, I'm off to craft a bit.


Big Fat Gini said...

We've had The Crud too. In fact, Reese is at home with me today sounding like he's been smoking his entire life.

Trust me, I feel the angst over all of this too. I'm frustrated and want to kick anyone who voted for Obama and then personally thank them for the fact that we can barely afford to fill up our car.

Hoping you can get some rest and feel ready to get back into the weight loss groove soon!

mrsmarkdave said...

Are you SURE it's not ok to punch a liberal in the face?

Anonymous said...

It's okay to be crunchy ;) Feel better and craft away!

trooppetrie said...

We are pregnant with baby number 7 and that means a 12 pasanger van, YIKES on the budget. So I get it, hoping to use part of our tax return on it