Monday, March 11, 2013

Counting Mine {226-240}

I've been slacking on these posts lately...but not less thankful.

So, this early Monday morning, I'm thankful for:

226.  The feel of freshly shaven legs.

227.  A productive cough.  (as opposed to unproductive...and never ending)

228.  A great first meeting with our new small group.  And the excitement about learning.

229.  A husband who helps.

230.  For going an entire week without stubbing my toe (a HUGE feat for me!)

231.  For fun crafts that decorate my home.  Inexpensively.

232.  For discounted prescription-grade vitamins

233.  For fundraisers that make summer camp feasible for my kiddos.

234.  For our girl's school basketball team making it to National's!

235.  A clean house.  And not feeling sand under your bare feet (

236.  For the largest new member class our church has seen in a decade.

237.  For a new student in our school.  And the fact that ALL the students are excited to have a new face in the school.

238.  Warmer weather and a few days of beautiful sunshine.

239.  For people who are willing to make others a priority.

240.  I'm so thankful - ever SO thankful that I wasn't the one to discover a HISSING animal in the back of our garage at 7:15 this morning.  So very very thankful.  I'd be even more thankful if that animal walked out of the garage on its own accord today.....

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Anonymous said...

Love these lists! And love you!