Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blessings {251-265}

251.  Getting out of the shower to hear my 5 year old son consoling his 5 month old baby sister by singing her a hymn.  And he was successful at getting her to quiet down.

252.  Watching Baby L. discover new things.  Like how to pull down the toy on her car seat...over and over and over again.  Or watching her try to grab the stream of water as it falls on her belly during bath time.

253.  The smell of a freshly bathed, freshly pajama'd baby.  Ooooohhhhh, bliss!

254.  Watching my husband's friends oogle over Baby L. and carry her around church protectively as if she was their own sweet cherub.

255.  Friends who share AWESOME cute baby shoes with me.

256.  Friends who can be just as snarky as I am.

257.  A father-in-law who works for the same company - so I can call him (anytime) with questions.

258.  Clean plates and no fights at dinnertime.

259.  DVR.  Now I can watch The Pioneer Woman anytime!

260.  Kids that can get themselves dressed.

261.  A husband who helps discipline the kids.

262.  Listening to my husband coo to his daughter.  Ohhhh sweetness.

263.  The burn in my lungs after a nice outdoor walk.

264.  Cuddling with the husband.

265.  Throwing "whatever is in the fridge" in a pan, calling it a casserole, and having it turn out awesome.