Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Phoning it in #hashtagedition

I haven't done a post like this in a while.  Time to purge the phone.  :)

An oldie.  A newborn hospital shot.  GAH!  Hard to believe it was only 4 months ago. 

And also, hard to believe it was already 4 months ago.



I used to work for a local web site.  I'm on hiatus....possibly indefinitely, possibly not.
All of us are busy moms, so a few meetings were spent on Google chat.
I thought it was cool.
I am on the bottom row- far right.  You can only see the tip of my head for a reason: I'm in my pajamas.
The lady in the main frame is my friend, Michelle.  And also this is her photo ID on my phone.  :)


Walgreens has a large clearance aisle right now.
I went for Mucinex, and spent $22.
In my defense, all but one of the items purchased I would have bought at Meijer tomorrow.
Now, I just need to go grocery shopping in four days.
The last item I picked up was this nail polish.

St. Patrick's Day is coming up, you know.



This photo is blurry.  But it's one of my MOST favorite outfits of Baby L's.  And she was so very happy to model it for me.  :)



Selfie with baby in the Baby Bjorn.


And also, I don't wear make up during the week - unless I have to.



I purchased a Living Social Deal with my friends Melody and Jill.

It was  fun night!

I got to play with fondant, learn how to make it myself, and she made gluten free cupcakes just for us.

Even though I didn't eat any of them.

Dude...she flavored the frosting with bubble gum flavor.



I received an awesome surprise in the mail.
My friend (and my mom's friend) Debbie sent me all kinds of clothing goodies, but this was in the bottom of the box.
A quilt.
Debbie makes the MOST BEAUTIFUL quilts.
They match the colors in Baby L's nursery.
And the words "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Goodnight Moon" are stitched into the quilt.
Along with stars, clouds and a moon.




She is cutting teeth.
Yes, it's early for her to be cutting teeth.
I have no idea.
But she's cranky, in pain, miserly with her smiles, and frequently tearful.




I took this picture in church.
I took this picture in church???
Apparently, I did.
Look at this picture.



If you've met my husband, you'll know why I took this picture.



That milk mustache looks so..... #thug




C. spent four hours quietly playing with Play Doh.
It was an amazing afternoon.
After all his "work," this is what he presented me with.



I share this next picture in order to share a story.
This was taken on our bed shortly before we left for the boy's school Christmas program.
Dave walked in to get dressed.  He took one look at her, said, "Baby L., you look so beautiful."

Then, he scooped her up in his arms and proceeded to dance with her right there at the foot of our bed.

Is it possible for me to love him anymore than I already do?



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Anonymous said...

What a fun treat to find myself on the blog! I saw the picture and thought, hey, that looks like me... where am I sitting? Oh, my kitchen. #hiback

Jack put his pencil over his ear this morning and told me he was Bob the Builder.