Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday drivel

1.  Today is Uncle Matt's birthday.  For those of you that know Uncle Matt, this is a national holidayYou only think I jest....unless you know Matt.  :)  (Who by the way is D's younger brother).  He and D are working here at the love shack today.  The boys and I have exactly 4 hours before lunch time to put together a little lunch celebration for him.  Hopefully he'll be pleasantly surprised.  Again, it's his national I'm thinking any celebration shall be welcomed.

2.  How is it that I spent 12 hours at my computer yesterday, and wrote up a crap-load of audits...only to wake up today and see my audit status as still far-far behind?  Grrrrr...

3.  There are certain semantics that people in the general population use that just get under my skin.  I realize that my parochial upbringing made me a bit of a grammar snob, however the problem seems to get worse as we get lazier with our autocorrect (myself included!). 

For example:  There is a difference between "breath" and "breathe." 

Used correctly in sentences:

"I need a breath of fresh air."

"My sinuses are so congested, I can hardly breathe."

In addition, mislabeling nouns or positions really irks me lately.  For instance:  there is a difference between a Godparent and a Guardian.


A Godparent has 3 jobs:  to witness a baptism, to remind thier Godchild of his/her baptism, and to hold the parents accountable for the vow they took to raise that child to know God.

A Guardian has one job:  In the unfortunate event of the premature death of both parents, the guardian would assume care for the child.

If you walk into a lawyer's office to define Godparents in your will, you will be laughed at.  Setting up legal guardianship?  Yep...they can do that for ya.

4.  It's going to be a hot one here.  Apparently, this starts an 8-day heat wave.  I realize that "heat wave" for Texans includes more than one or two days with heat indexes over 100, however, there are swelling pregnant women here in Michigan who are planning to hide out in her air conditioned basement for the next week.  Who needs Vitamin D anyway, right?

5.  Our neighborhood really leaves a LOT to be desired in the way of kids for my boys to play with.  There's ONE boy on our road.  And he's a wierdo.  Even A. has stated that he doesn't want to play with him anymore - which is saying a lot.  We have a part time neighbor who comes every other weekend, but unfortunately, that does nothing for me him during the week.

6.  I think that my openness about being debt free has given other's a free license to complain about their finances to me.  I'm normally a person who has very few boundries, so this is fine by me.  However, if you bring it up, be prepared to hear something you may not be ready for.  Something like, "I see you have a new iphone, and you were at the bar three nights last week, oh....and that trip you are planning to take next month, you may want to cancel it...and the fact that you're bragging about drinking beer every night may have something to do with some poor spending choices."  Just sayin.'  If you don't plan on DOING anything about your dire situation, please don't bring it up to me.

7.  There were a bunch of my favorite people travelling this past week.  As of yesterday, the returns started.  I'm glad they were able to get away (yes, all of them), but I'd be remiss to say that I was just a teensy bit jealous of thier ability to head out of Michigan for a bit.  I do have a travelling bug that hasn't been fed for quite some time, and I'm craving some pack-up-and-go.  However, I do realize that our lifestyle choices will not make that possible for the next 5-10 years.  It makes me sad, but I'll still stick by our choices...cause that's what they are....choices.  Well, except for baby girl....but she's a blessing, so I'll take that too.  :)

8.  Our Plan A for swimming lessons (which was supposed to start last night) dissolved into a pile of nuthin' in about 2 minutes on Tuesday.  Sad.  However, I'm on to Plan B, and have started the pre-registration for it...I'm hoping and praying that there's still room.  Nothing like waiting to the last minute to get them in, Sandy!  (If you didn't know....I'm sooooo NOT a "type A" personality. Nope, not at all.)

9.  I have zero fruit in the house, and only $22 left in the envelopes until the end of the month.  I think that the lack of fruit is an emergency, and therefore a reason to spend that last $22.  Who needs gas in the van anyway, right?!?!?  Yes, even hard-core budgeters can have a wee bit too much month left at the end of the money.

10.  I'm a tad, wee little bit snarky today, if ya can't tell.  I'm attributing it to a wee bit of stomach trouble, swelling, a few bad night's sleep, and an overwhelming to-do list.  I'm hoping that by spewing it all out on my blog (I'm calling is spewing and "keeping it real" instead of whining) will help me with an early-morning attitude adjustment.  Onward and upward, right?


mrsmarkdave said...

You are a girl after my own heart. The "breathe" and "breath" thing bugs me TO NO END! And when people use a singular noun, but the noun is made up of multiples (for example: "team" or "crew") and they use a plural verb. I just can't stand it. I feel like it is the destruction of our country. (Nothing like a run-on sentence to prove my point.)

And the debt-free money thing? Oh my word. We are also debt free (100%) and I just get the people that have "no money" but yet have all of these toys.
Well, like I said: A Girl After My Own Heart.

Sarann said...

I hope you feel better! I went to pack my lunch today and realize we are out of edible fruit too, it seems like everything I bought last weekend ripened and then over ripened too quickly. I ordered a basket from my produce coop for this weekend, so I'm excited to see what goodies I get from that!

Mama M. said...

It's the your/you're, their/they're/there 's that get me. Ugh. And snarkiness? Have at it. I think it's the the end of the day, I'm D-O-N-E. Patience, understanding and compassion are GONE.
And I'm not pregnant, so let's blame it on the heat. It only makes sense.
(PS...MI is not out of the picture yet, but not looking good. Still trying to decide if we're even going to DO a trip...see point numbers 6 and 7 on your list.)

Anonymous said...

Dear friend - I love you! That is all. :)