Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The state of affairs

Currently, I am....

 - 23 1/2 weeks pregnant

                   -enjoying feeling the kicks and bumps that come with being 23.5 weeks pregnant

- swelling thanks to increased heat in our neck of the woods

               - LOVING the baby girl clothes ( and baby items!) we're being given

- tired from a fitful night sleep

                      - excited that I finally found the accent color (through minky material) for baby girl's room

- not loving that (thanks to hormones!), my face is breaking out worse than when I was a teenager

                 -LOVING that Aldi gummy bears are gluten free

                                 -hiding the bag of Aldi gummy bears from myself.  :)

-  taking a break from my morning work streak

                                   - going a little crazy with my new increased work load

                                                         -looking forward to a hair CUT on Saturday

- starting to plan C's birthday party (invitations are ordered!)

                                            - working on some "big brother" gifts for the boys

-hoping that I'm doing enough with the boys to make this summer a fun, memorible one.

Currently, the boys are: 

- playing with Leah (our sitter that comes so I can work)

                   - waiting for D to come work at home after being on a job site this morning

     - wishing I didn't ground them from the wii today

                        - LOVING our vbs week, and think Grant's dad is awesome for his singing and dancing

- LOVE vbs even more because they get to stay up past their bedtimes

                               -excited to see their grandparents this afternoon

- disliking that I make them do summer homework to avoid the "summer slide" and work on small motor skills

                                                         -excited about their little sister

Yep...that's all I've got.


Sarann said...

That is a lot to have! My skin has been terrible with this pregnancy too, must be a girl thing!

Big Fat Gini said...

How can you even be that far along already? Wow!

Glad you're enjoying your summer! :)

Lesley said...

Grant's Dad?! What about Grant's mom?! JK. :)

trooppetrie said...

I love new baby things (even new to me). preparing for a baby is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oooh... a haircut! I love getting my haircut. Really, I love having someone wash my hair and give me a head massage. Heaven.