Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Phoning it in- home design edition

It's a hot Tuesday.

I'm already tired of maternity clothing.

I've decided, I'm not wearing pants as much as possible. 

They never fit right, they bunch up in the wrong places....The waist band is either way to high or way too low.....I'm just not a fan right now.

So skirts and dresses it is.

Or nothing.

But that could just get awkward.

Anyway, I had to post a few phone pics from the last week.  Friday night C. had a birthday party.  Here he is with the birthday boy.  The blue faces from the frosting just cracked me up.

Yesterday we had a nasty fast storm.  It was a gully-washer.

Dave and I were hoping for a few easy storms with easy rainfall over the next few weeks to
help us tamp down the loose earth from construction and grading the driveway.


There was so much rain and so fast, there was no where for it to go...

...except down the driveway.

With a lot of dirt.

It buried the front wheel of C's bike.

I took this picture and sent it to Dave letting him know that the house was dry, but
the driveway (and garage) were in need of a little lovin'.

And because of said storm, we were without power for most of the day.

The boys had money in their wallets from their commission sheets that they were itching to spend,

so we went to Meijer.

Seriously...that is enough to try the patience of a saint.

We spent 1 hour in the toy aisles, back and forth...

...the boys picked up every cheaply made piece of junk there was.

A. had $20, C. had $10.

Finally, I turned the corner to the clearance end cap.

I saw a pretty cool toy.

Original price:  $80.99

Clearance price $19.99

I called A. over, and showed it to him.

Once he figured out he could afford it, he said,

"WHOA!  This is MINE!"

Then he asked me to take a picture and send it to daddy.

Homeboy is psyched for his car!  It's 2 sided and does tricks.  He's loving it. 

Only negative....we needed to charge the rechargeable battery before playing with it.

We had no power.

Poor kid had to wait.

Mom fail.

Wait....Consumers Power fail.

Anyway....home design edition:

I've been thinking about that saying that advises pregnant women against doing anything drastic with their hair because hormones don't help you make the best decisions....

...I'm thinking the same goes for home design.

I've really been struggling this time around!

Normally, I know what I like, how to accessorize it, how to budget it in, what colors to work with, etc.

I'm normally very decisive!

This time around, I'm all over the board.

But, I think I may have found a shower curtain to start from.

Before I show it to you, remember what our current bathrooms look like?

(remember, these are phone pics!)

green/ brown

Blue:  (Kentucky Haze to be precise)

Also, the bathrooms in our old house were

you guessed it

green and blue

2 bathrooms, the same colors.

So, I thought about heading in the "red" direction.

Browny, orangey reds.

I showed Dave a color sample

which he QUICKLY vetoed.

He wants NOTHING to do with red in any bathroom....

.....especially on a wall, but also in general.


No reds, no blues, no greens.

So, I limited myself a bit, and trying to find something I like within limits is harder.

But yesterday, I found this at Kohl's:

It's got yellow, putty gray and taupe in there...along with a white background, so I have a few color options.

I'm leaning away from painting the walls yellow- because I've seen some yellow bathrooms without windows (like ours will be), and they look SOOOO yellow that the light from the vanity looks more yellow.

So, perhaps the putty-gray?

BUT, now that I have a baseline, we can look for lighting, and I can FINALLY look for an answer for  Dave when he asked me

"What kind of lighting are we doing in the bathroom? I need to put in some boxes."

I'm thinking sconces over vanity bar. 

What say you?


Anonymous said...

I vote yes on the shower curtain and color scheme - and I vote for light grey walls - a shade or two lighter than the grey in the shower curtain. Our upstairs bathroom has light grey walls (with a white brick wall from the chimney coming up the middle) and black and white tile. I love the walls we have and I think you'd like grey walls as well.

Candice said...

Totally in love with the shower curtain and colors. I agree, light gray walls. That way, when you get tired of the current curtain, it will be easy to change, and you won't be having to repaint a yellow bathroom! :)