Friday, June 8, 2012

5QF - Baby girl edition

I have a babysitter watching the boys this morning so I can work. 

She's here right now...and I'm blogging.

In my defense, I've already spent the last half hour talking with people who don't know their head from a hold in the, as a public service, I'm taking a chill-break.

I blog for the safety of those around me, really.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  :)

Anyway, thanks for all the lovin' we received from our big announcement yesterday!  I felt so loved!

Let's get to some questions, shall we?

1. Did you do anything special for your kids on the last day of school? Or did you parents do anything special for you?

A few years ago, I started taking the boys out to lunch on their last day of school.  However, this year, A. wanted to eat the hot dog lunch with his we stayed.  That's about it. 

My parents really didn't do anything special either.  My dad was usually working (he was an amazing provider!) and since my mom was a teacher, she was busy saying good-bye and packing up her room.  She would let us go through her last-day-of-school gifts and eat some goodies, though.  That was nice of her.  :)

2. What's your favorite summer tradition with your children?

I'm trying to do something fun and spontaneous at least once a week.  Whether it be an impromptu play date at a park or just something cool to do with them.

We always go camping once a summer with our church group- and that's something they REALLY look forward to....

But otherwise, I'm totally open to suggestions!

3. What was your favorite thing to do during the summer as a kid?

I loved the freedom of being able to play with my friends whenever the heck I wanted.

And I loved going camping with my family.  We went a few times every summer up to a campground set up through my dad's work.  We'd go for extended weekends, and swim, boat, run, play, fish, you name it...we had fun doing it.  Those were amazing summer memories!

4. How old were you when you were married? Were you a Bridezilla?

I believe I was 24 when we married....and turned 25 a few days after returning from our honeymoon.

I don't think I was a Bridezilla.  I was a certain degree.  I'm a people-pleaser, by nature, and I realized that a few people were trying to take advantage of that a few times....and there was some unnecessary drama on their part.  So, I just let them know it wasn't acceptable.  I don't think establishing firm boundaries would equal a Bridezilla...but if it does, than perhaps I was?  That's a question better asked to those around me. 

5. What is your favorite girl name? (I'm needing suggestions.)

Hey M!  Thanks for putting this in the line up!
This question is for me.
After our big announcement yesterday, the next question was, do you have a name for her?
Answer:  nope.
We always had a girl name picked out for the boys.  It was the same name both times.
This time....well, the name we loved just doesn't seem to fit.
Chances are, in true Dave-and-Sandy fashion, we won't have a name picked out until I'm in the throes of labor....but I need a short list!

Suggestions PLEASE!


Keri said...

In a couple weeks I can give you the girl name I had picked for this baby.. just as soon as I know FOR SURE we won't need it :)

Anonymous said...

When I was preggo with Liam, our girl name was Emma. With Jack it was Fiona (or Sydney, depending on the stage in the pregnancy). I'd still choose Fiona if ever we had a girl. :)

mrsmarkdave said...

Kyra (or Keira)

I also like Emma if the middle name is Leigh. (I like Emma even if the middle name isn't Leigh, but I think Emma Leigh is clever.)

Sarann said...

I was in the same boat, if our son was a girl he would have been Lily, but that name is SO POPULAR now that I couldn't do it. Be sure to stop by my 5QF as I gave you a shout out and my short list if any of the names strike you. Congrats again!

Nani said...

I don't think quelling the meddlezillas is a bridezilla trait, just a smart move!

I mentioned the name I'd have used if I had a girl on my blog, literary in nature, Miranda Scarlett; The virtue and desire to learn of Miranda from Shakespeare's Tempest and the fire and drive of Scarlett O'Hara

Mama M. said... you have ANY names on your short list yet?! Names are sooooo hard...but we always had a harder time with boy names than girl names!

Keep me in the loop...pretty pretty please with sugar on top?!