Friday, May 18, 2012

Spaghetti Noodles in my head

I once read this book called "Men are waffles, women are spaghetti."

Although I can't remember if that's the exact name of the book, and I can't remember the authors....

(lots of help there, Sandy)

But the basic premise of the book deals with the mind-patterns of men and women.

The authors are hoping that once the opposite sexes understand each other's though processes, we'll have a happy Utopian marriage.

While I don't think it creates the perfect marriage ....I do believe that understanding this concept can help ensure a bit more empathy or (at the very least) a certain baseline of patience.

While my husband is in one waffle-box at a time....I have all these spaghetti noodles in my head.

He's thinking of working.  Then playing baseball with the boys.  Then cleaning out his van.  Then my back rub.  (yeah, he's a keeper!)  Then the laundry.  Sometimes there's a "nothing" box....where he's just thinking of ....well, nothing.  (for the record, I'm insanely jealous of that box!)

In the meantime, I have 20 different thoughts all going through my head at the same time....they're all tangled up with each other.  Each thought affects the others....and I'm mentally tired.'s some noodles--- perhaps you can help me with some solutions....because they all seem to be thoughts without endings:

-  I'm so glad D took the day off to go to the Tigers game with the guys yesterday.  I don't think he takes enough time to be with other guys and there's not enough time for him to relax. 

-  When will my Tigers actually show up to PLAY BASEBALL?!?!?!?  (With the exception of Justin Verlander who is currently pitching a no-hitter at this moment in time!)

-  Jim Leland and I are no longer on speaking terms.

-  I have a Dr. appointment on Monday and no babysitter for C.

-  His last day of school was today.  No more mid-day school commutes.  I'm ecstatic.

-  On Monday, I spent 2 hours in my car traveling to and from school....4 times.  I found this moderately annoying and ridiculous.

-  I understand that this sometimes happens, and our choice to send our boys to the school we have chosen fact, our choice.  You take the good, you take the bad....

-  And now I have the theme song from "The Facts of Life" in my head.

-  Ally pooped on my carpet again tonight.  I am officially through my second bottle of carpet cleaner.  And I'm running short on patience.

-  My mom came to see A. play baseball last night.  I love her for taking the time to visit.  A. loved having her there too.

-  I need to drink more water.

-  C's 5th birthday is this August.  Which means that it's the birthday that he gets a large party with friends at our house.  I'm thinking of doing a sprinkler party....but I'm lost on this idea after that.  I just don't want a bunch of sugary kids running through my house.  Is that bad?

-  Just FYI, D and I agreed early on that large extravagant parties every year are ridiculous.  We have one big one for family at the first birthday, a friend party at home at 5, and a party on location at 10.  That's it.

-  We just received a notice that our health insurance premiums are increasing about 20% this year.  Fan-flippin'- tastic.  That whole statement from Obama about "Your health insurance premiums will not be affected by this legislation" is a bunch of bullsh*t.  Seriously, we have seen the BIGGEST hike in premiums and the BIGGEST drop in coverage since this legislation passed.  For example, the legislation states that they MUST cover preexisting conditions and preventative care.  So, now our well-child visits are covered (at $110 a piece), but all independent insurances dropped maternity care all together (an $9500 price tag).  In addition, our premiums have increased MORE than $110 a month.  So, thanks, Obamacare legislation for covering that well-child visit that my increased premiums are already paying for.  And thanks for making me private pay for this baby.  You're awesome.

-  I have about 5 blog posts circling my head right now, but no idea how to formulate them into a coherent they'll wait.

-  I caught C. in 3 lies today.  Caught him red handed.  Busted him, told him that I knew the truth, and he STILL stuck with his lies.  I could not get him to fess up to the truth.  This frustrates me to no avail.

-  I went to Wal Mart today to get my "summer discipline and positive reinforcement" tools started today.  Apparently, I need to get these tools into swing faster.  It was a rough night.

-  I need more naps.


mrsmarkdave said...

My Dave and I were just talking last night. I think we ain't seen nothin' yet regarding Obama. I think he's been fairly conservative during his first 4 years to ensure reelection (because so many people are too dumb to care about the facts and WILL reelect him). Then, he'll let loose. We're in trouble.

The book is "Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti" by Bill and Pam Farrel. And, I may have to read this book.

Anonymous said...

Liam is lying lately, as well, it drives me nuts and baffles me since he knows I've caught him in the lie and yet he continues to insist it is the truth. Grrr!