Thursday, May 17, 2012

Random Thursday Post

  • Yesterday was amazingly busy.  I think we spent around 3 full hours at home between the hours of 7am and 7pm.  Poor Ally was in her cage much of the day.  She promptly let me know this was unacceptable by defecating all over my carpeting.  Grrrrrrr.

  • In the past four months, I've had six people approach me about pointers and help in going gluten free.  Some necessary for health reasons, and others have been feeling "whonky" and want to see if it will help.  I'm so glad I'm able to help them.  So glad my big mouth can be used for good.  *smirk*

  • Tomorrow is C's last day of preschool.  Then, he will officially be a kindergartner.  I'm happy for him.  He's excited about being one of the "big kids."  Here he is at his preschool graduation earlier this week:

  • Incidentally, my son was the only one there in dirty blue jeans and a stained t-shirt.  (Not to mention pockets hanging out and sandals on backwards).  Classy class.  I could not get him to change his clothing, and just decided it wasn't worth the fight.  He didn't even notice that some of his friends were there in a suit and tie.

  • Today is our last MOPS meeting for the year.  As a table leader, we're expected to decorate our tables and do a little gift for our table mates.  I purchased plates and napkins at Target, then hit Pintrest hard for inspiration.  The WHOLE table cost me less than $11 (including giveaways).  There's a post on that coming up....soon (ish).

  • I am of the belief that May could be the busiest month of the year.  Everything is wrapping up, so there's all the final stuff...but then again, spring sports are just starting.  We've had something every night for the past few weeks.  I'm exhausted.

  • A skunk sprayed outside our house last night.  The smell was SO STRONG, I almost thought it had sprayed the house directly.  I made D. take Ally out for her 10pm potty stop.  There was NO way I was going to risk getting sprayed.  Gross.

  • Today D, his dad, his brother and brother-in-law are all going somewhere.  I'm very jealous.  Extremely jealous....can you guess where they're going?  Hint:  one outfit should tip you off.

  • We pour some concrete this Saturday.  We're filling in our L-shaped to square area as well a pouring a pad at the bottom of the driveway to help with drainage.  The boys LOVE when the concrete mixers show up at our house.  :)

  • I haven't taken a nap since Sunday.  I miss them.

  • We're officially done with eye drops!  On Friday afternoon, A. had something fly into his eye, which caused a triangle-shaped scratch on his cornea.  We slept for approximately 2 hours on Friday night because he was up screaming in pain.  It.was.awful.  Enter Saturday morning drama and our eye Dr's office who refused to see us (their protocol is "if you haven't been seen in the last THREE MONTHS, you're not considered a current patient, and they don't call Dr's for new patients"  Really, WHO sees their eye Dr. every 3 months?!?!?  I am not happy.).  We were eventually see by our regular pediatrician's office who put some dye in his eye and shined a special light to show me the gash.  We've had antibiotic eye drops every 4 hours for the last 5 days.  Every time has been dramatic.  I'm sooo over the drama.  Both A and I are glad that's over.  And now, I get to look for a new eye Dr.

  • Today I am 18 weeks pregnant!  Here's the latest bump pic:

  • Today I'm wearing my favorite maternity dress.  It's the prefect pinky-corally color with embroidered flowery vines all over it.  I remember from the boys that since it's not stretchy, there's a finite window that I can enjoy wearing this dress.  So, today's last-day-of-MOPS is such an occasion to bust it out.

  • I only took advantage of the Starbucks frappy hour a few times while frappecinos were half price.  Now, every time 3pm rolls around, I want a frappe.  Blasted, Starbucks!  I have succumb to your marketing gimmick!


mrsmarkdave said...

I love Random Thursday posts.
I would be INFURIATED over this eye doctor. NOBODY sees their eye doctor every 3 months. Insurance wouldn't even pay for that. Idiots. I would be looking for a new eye doctor, too. I would probably let myself go blind before going back to this office.

I think C looked cute in his jeans, and we can't see the stain on the t-shirt, so we'll have to take your word for it :-)

Anonymous said...

I claim responsibility for the obsession - at least sharing it with you :) You looked lovely today, BTW!