Friday, May 4, 2012


Before I start this post, have you entered my Burger King giveway yet?  Currently, there's low entries, so your chances of winning are good!

The masons are back today pouring more concrete into the cells of the block wall.  Are you learning as much as I am through this process? 

Ok, I have a lot to do we'll get on with it:

1. What did you wear to prom? Include a picture if possible.

Oh guys, I tried with all my might to find a picture.  However, I do believe that my high school pictures are probably locked away in some ugly vault forever.  Sorry!  I tried to find them! 

And in the meantime, I ended up going on a fantastic trip down memory lane with my husband.  And we found our engagement pictures where I was a toothpick.  Then I cried.  For days.  Then I got over it.  (sort of)

Anyway, I went with a large group of my friends from high school.  None of us had boyfriends (or come had boyfriends who REFUSED to go to prom), so we all ended up going together.  I have to say, it was a BLAST to go with all friends. 

I wore an emerald green satin dress with semi-puffy sleeves (remember, it was 1994), and a lower back with a criss-cross thingy in back.  Hawt.  (not really, but whatever....)  Oh, and shoes died to match.  Ugh.

2. Would you rather be on the biggest loser or a food eating challenge?

Biggest looser, thank you.  I will be the first to admit that I do not like pushing my body hard.  I can push it, but at the first incling of pain or shortness of breath, I freak out and slow it down. 

I can see the spot where the contestants get to that level and want to freak out, and the trainers RIDE them until they break through.  I actually have panicy feelings when I watch the first few episodes of each season....I think knowing that there's medical personnel right off camera to revive me would make me feel a (wee-teeny little itty bit) better about pushing it.

3. Done fave sonic drink? Refreshing summer drink? (Hey, Kristina...was that a typo, or some "done good" Southern thing?)

Never been to sonic.

Never once. 

Nope, not at all.

4. What was your first car, and what did you call it?

Ha!  This one makes me laugh.  I had a 1985 Pontiac T-1000.  And it wasn't just ANY regular had a GIANT


written on the side.

So, here's a google image of the car....only mine was navy blue with giant letters/numbers.

Which made my brother's friend, Jon, name it the "Tay". 

As in, "Hey, Sandy....we're gonna take the "Tay" out for a joy ride, mmm k?"


5. What's one thing your child or spouse does that sends you over the edge?

Well, there's one thing that ANYONE can do that just makes my blood boil.

Lack of common courtesy.

Seriously....I'm pretty easy to please, but lack of common courtesy will just send me over the edge quickly.

For example, I'm washing dishes, and instead of waiting for me to finish, he'll come in and switch the faucet over to either wash out a rag of fill a glass of water.  No "excuse me"  No "can I grab this a minute, please?"  Nothing.  Grrrrrr.

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I just want to scream.  Instead I get pissy and snarky.  Which is totally passive-aggressive....and I can't stand that either, so then I just get over it.

When the boys are less than courteous to others, I'm in a position to correct that behavior right away.

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