Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hump Day

I have a pregnancy related post in mind for tomorrow,

and since miscellany works well for me,

I'm going to do it a day early.

Yes, with pictures.

I've been having more fun with my DSLR lately.

I love toying with it.  And light.  And my lenses.

I have my eye on a new pretty lens....but it's costly.  Sigh.

Here's some of my favorites from last Friday's field day:

The Sack race

This is just after the guy said "Go." 
The boys were taking their first steps over the line trying to figure out how to run in the sacks.
Boys are not necessarily graceful, and right after I shot this one, about half of the boys bit the dust.

A. took third in this race.

I was shocked for three reasons:

1.  I'm not athletically inclined, so the super competitive nature of these things and any winning is not in my blood.
2.  A. seems to have inherited my "not-so-graceful" gene.  However, he never fell once.
3.  My boy is huge for his age.  The fact that he can run in one of those small sacks and not fall is a feat within itself.

Look at the lady behind the line telling A. he's about to get third place.  :)

This is the long 200 m race.

You know, the one I told you about last week?

This is the start where he was to the far left of the runners.

They condensed them so fast that he got crammed into a pack and was tripped.

And got ran over by a few kids....but who's holding grudges?!?!?


I'm just heartbroken for him.  He was really looking forward to this race.

Here he is after the final turn.

He's "kicking in his turbo-boosters." (his words)

He's in the top third.

He ran with integrity.

I'm proud of my son for his behavior that day (as opposed to other days....when I'm not so proud....).  He was a good sportsman, he competed with integrity, and while he placed twice, he never seemed crazy-winner boastful, and still cheered his friends on.  He even made friends with a boy from another school (who consequently beats all the boys at all the sports- which would cause me to despise him if I were competing against him).

Other than that:

  • I had the chance to catch up with my dear friend, Karen, this morning.  Time flies with her.  I love chatting with her.

  • This post from Michelle is one of my favorites.  It made me laugh out loud for a few reasons: #1- there are some conversations I recognize and #2 - I'm glad I'm not the only one who has crazy texting conversations.  :)

  • I have a minor sunburn from Friday's field day.  And realized today I'm peeling.  This grosses me out.

  • Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Blazing. Freezing. Hot. Cold. This is the current weather pattern in Michigan.  I honestly wouldn't be surprised if D. got called out to plow on the 4th of July.

  • Our envelopes were short(er) this month.  I was seriously beating myself up trying to figure out where I messed up.  Then, I realized that we have 5 weeks this month.  Including two holidays (Mother's Day and Memorial Day).  And then I calmed down and am working on making rice and beans yummy until Friday.

  • I have discovered the secret to keeping my puppy happy and quiet all day long: an empty peanut butter jar. (phone pic...sorry)

  • I could use a nap.

  • I could use a GNO.

  • Summer break starts this Friday.  I'm both grateful and apprehensive.  I'm happy to spend more time with the boys, and I'm grateful to forget about the school schedule (and 2 hours spent a day in driving and extra $140 a month in gas and early mornings), but I'm apprehensive because I want to keep my productivity level high with work while not creating couch potatoes or having the boys killing each other.  Or me loosing my mind I'm hoping for an intentionally fun summer.

  • I'm continuously amazed by how much allergies affect everything else.  Sleep, breathing, stomach woes, balance, ability to concentrate....

  • And guess what arrived about a half hour ago:



Anonymous said...

Hip hip hooray for the dumpster! SO exciting!

mrsmarkdave said...

I LOVE the idea of the peanut butter jar. I'm going to give this idea to my friend - whose dog will probably eat the jar itself.

I also love dumpsters.