Thursday, May 10, 2012

Random Thursday strikes again (more pictures...again!) and a tentative D-Day date!!!

Ohhhh, Thursdays. 

Brain is shot again.

You get another random post.

  • I love Thursdays for no other reason than my friend, Lissa, has an extra seat in her van and has graciously offered to drive A. to and from school on Thursdays.  I love Thursdays for not having to drive, and I love Lissa for driving.

  • A. hit a home run in his baseball game last Thursday night.  Outside the fence.  Homeboy has some force behind that bat!  However, D and I are putting air quotes around the "home run" portion because he hit it off the tee.  It's technically coach pitch, but they only have 5 pitches to hit it before the tee comes out.  Even if the coach lobs it high and outside....  Still, A. was JAZZED.  You should have seen him running the bases.

  • Michelle and the boys are coming over this afternoon!  Hooray!  So excited to hang out with her and her lovely boys.  :)

  • We have officially filled our first dumpster in Love Shack demo.  This is what our Love Shack looks like today.

  • I got a turn at the crow bar.  Which really means that D. loosed it all up for me so I wouldn't start contracting, and asked A. to grab the camera.  But it was a fun moment none the less.

  • Our L-into-a-square wall is complete and awaiting backfilling.  We'll be filling the space inside the wall with a cement floor so the new house doesn't smell musty.

  • Today, I'm officially 17 weeks pregnant, and I still throw up every once in a while.  This morning, for example.  Ugh.

  • Next week is our last MOPS meeting of the year.  (Boo- but hooray for unexpected pregnancies that buy you a ticket into MOPS for the next 5 years!!).  As a table leader, we're encouraged to decorate our table and give a small gift on the last meeting.  I spent all yesterday afternoon blissfully crafting.  Love it.  (Pictures forthcoming- my lovely MOPS friends read the blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise!)

  • I'm reaching that point in my pregnancy (D calls it "that point") where I'm starting to totally loose my verbal filter.  (The one I already had a loose grip on anyway.)  This could be a recipe for disaster.  I'm constantly praying that God's words be reflected through my mouth....not my own.  Because, ultimately, His is the only opinion that counts, right?

  • In 11 weeks of pregnancy (11 weeks, because we really found out around 6 weeks- for those of you who are mathematically challenged; 17-6=11), I have consumed no less than 8 cantaloupes.  Mmmmm, cantaloupe.

  • I have started charging the boys a quarter for not flushing the toilet.  I'll spare you the picture that should accompany this bullet point.  You're welcome.

  • My friend, Melody, is having a garage sale today to sell their stuff in order to make money for a mission trip.  I love her heart, and I love her ability to live a simple (yet so very contented) life.  God sure knew what he was doing when he stuck us together.  :)  God is good.

  • I have gone an entire 3 days without taking a nap.  I believe that today is a good nap day.

  • I'm trying to talk my bloggy friend, Mama M., into bringing her family to my neck of the woods this summer.  I'm a fantastic travel agent, and would LOVE to hang out when her and the kids!
And last but not least:

  • Our DEMOLITION DAY has been scheduled!!!  Tentative date is Saturday, June 2!!!  Woohoo!  So, if you've volunteered to help in the past....put it on your calendar!  (We'll provide lunch).  Make sure to bring demo stuff (sledge hammer, claw hammer, crow bar), eye protection, and a dust mask doesn't hurt (there's a lot of black mold and bat droppings in the Love Shack!).  Just make sure to touch base with D. so he knows you're coming.  :)

Woohoo!!!  Saturday, June 2!!!!


Mama M. said...

Hubs is considering it!!!!! That time frame is also PERFECT (I think) with summer baseball schedules! I need to talk with him and see if we can commit to this because, SQUEEEEEE, how fun would this be?!?

Anonymous said...

Happy day for Thursdays with you and your boys! And 5 more years in MOPS (jealous, I am).