Monday, July 18, 2011

Yet another random post....

It seems as though I'm incapable of forming  a formal post lately.  I'm blaming it on the dog-days of summer.

That, and a long long looooooong to-do list that has me scatter brained.

So, here's a quick update on list form.

  • We The boys  lost one of our wii remotes on Friday.  Which ended up in wii privileges getting taken away all weekend.  D and I cleaned the top two floors of the house, organized toy boxes and closets in search....but nothing.  D and I moved all the furniture too.  Nada.  This morning, A. asked if he could watch Netflix on the wii, and I told him "no" because the remote was still missing.  Later in the morning, he miraculously found it under the couch.  This falls under the category of "things that make me go hhhmmmmm."
  • My friend, Melody, is coming over this morning and we are going to Shred together.  I'm nervous of this for two reasons:  1) I sweat and stink when I work out.  Really bad. 2)  Being honest here, I sometimes shirk on some moves that are pretty tough for me to do, and I'm afraid she'll push me to actually do them, do them right, and do them in entirety.
  • It's also a running day today.  Nothing like making up hard for poor eating choices over the weekend.
  • It's going to be a hot one today.  I'm going to cool off with an iced coffee frappe (made by myself with high protein, low carbs and low calories!!!....oh, and CHEAP!)
  • Perhaps I'll throw a popsicle or two at the boys to help them stay cool as well.
  • The bottom level of our house still needs to be cleaned after our weekend rampage.  And the bathrooms of all levels....and the kitchen(s) floors.
  • Did you know that lets you log "cleaning" as exercise!?!?!?  This is great incentive to clean.
  • I'm suddenly in a mood to pitch old junk and organize.  Don't tell my husband, or he'll expect me to do something about it.  :)
  • I have dry cracked heels.  What do you do about this?  I've never had them before.  I cannot wear socks to bed.
  • Wearing socks when I sleep gives me nightmares.  Yes, this is a tested trend.  I do.not.know.why.
  • I had a weird dream of an old friend last night.  Weird.
  • I'm loving seeing my niece on a weekly basis.  I love having her help me with the boys so I can get some work done.  I'm excited for her to get her ipod touch.
  • D. and I are fighting some strange summer cold.  It's not a bad cold, and we're not even's just a tad annoying.
  • I made an awesome dinner last night- marinated wild caught salmon, roasted herbed red potatoes, and steamed broccoli.  The boys ate hot dogs.


mrsmarkdave said...

Dry, cracked heels. I have the most horrible feet ever in this regard. (I have seen some feet more disgusting than mine in other regards, though.)
This is what I do. I grab a really great emery board (I found some at Target for 99 cents) and sand away. When my feet are all nice and smooth, I coat them with Eucerin lotion (which is expensive so I buy the off brand) and then put socks on. This is why it's hard for me to keep up with this in the summer because wearing socks is hard.
I have used the Ped Egg, which works, but I don't like it. The emery board is more user friendly, in my opinion.
If I keep up on the lotioning, I don't have to "sand" my feet often. But, after a few days I usually slack off and then have to start the process all over when Dave wakes up bleeding in the night because I've scratched him with my heel. HAHA.

Anonymous said...

The last bullet point made me laugh out loud made my mouth water...

Jennifer said...

I love my Ped Egg. It's really pretty gross to see all the dead skin being "grated" off but it doesn't hurt (just don't do it right after a shower or lotioning!!). But I have *really* bad feet. I mowed in flip flops 3 days ago and the cracks in my feet are still stained green (and I've showered every day)!

Big Fat Gini said...

Another vote for the Ped Egg! Someone else makes something similar, but I don't know what the cost difference is. It's gross, but it's a quick and cheaper alternative to a pedicure (which I need desperately).

If you absolutely feel the need to run out and organize someone else's junk, feel free to come on down here!

Rebecca said...

I also love my Ped Egg. I have had difficulty with dry, cracked heels for a long time and this, partnered with some good lotion, is the only thing that works. Or getting a pedicure, but I only get those about twice a year.

Elizabeth @ Virginia Is For Mothers said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

So when you mention "Shred", are you talking about Jillian Michaels?? Man, she kills me!!! Right now I'm pregnant so I can't do it but I'm already dreading those post-partum workouts with her! She's insane. Insane and effective.